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Women's Leadership: Essential Skills for Leading a Successful Team


Webinar Recording

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With today's rapid transfer of information and knowledge, collaboration and teamwork are an absolute necessity. Effective teams have a high level of trust, open communication and a confident leader. This webinar will show women professionals what to takes to lead a successful team, keep them on track, and manage the special nuances and challenges that women face as the team leader. Join us to discover:

  • Key strategies women can use to effectively lead a team
  • Common challenges of women leaders - and how to mange them
  • Tips for building trust and strong communication in the team
  • 5 top obstacles to team success - and how to overcome them

Program Highlights

  • Leading a Team: Effective Strategies for Professional Women

    • Tools for building trust among team members
    • What's the team's purpose? Keys to making it clear
    • Managing unacceptable behavior and avoiding conflict
    • Tips to inspire innovation and encourage risk taking
  • Overcoming Top Obstacles to Team Success

    • What you can do when team trust is at a low
    • Keeping team members committed and accountable
    • Results matter: Tips to stay focused on team goals
    • Guiding your team through conflict
  • Common Challenges for Women Leaders and What You Can Do

    • Ways to handle push back or resistance from male team members
    • Maintaining your authenticity and taking the high road
    • How to be bold and assertive - speak with confidence and conviction
    • Keys to keeping a check on emotions in the office
  • Live Question & Answer - Have your specific team building questions answered!

About The Speaker

Tara Powers, M.S. a leadership coach, trainer and talent development expert, partners with clients to enable strategic success and business growth by helping leaders, teams and trainers improve employee engagement to maximize results.

  • Through her coaching and award winning leadership programs, Tara has helped hundreds of leaders and teams accelerate their success by building trust, improving communication, learning to walk the talk and get real about the habits that create outstanding results.
  • Tara offers Train the Trainer programs that teach trainers, coaches and consultants how to create transformational programs for their clients and employees. Tara's style is described as innovative and highly interactive. Her clients continually remark on her enthusiasm, energy, and thoughtfulness in a learning environment.
  • Tara's experience includes working with startups, government, retail, financial organizations, marketing agencies, call centers and customer service environments. She has also been recognized as a national speaker and presenter for HR.Com, SHRM and many other well know organizations.

Program Benefits

In this 60-minute program, Women professionals will gain the skills needed to effectively lead a team, large or small, and how to navigate the unique challenges many female leaders deal with in the workplace.