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Dealing with Difficult Students: Keys to Handling Disruptive Behavior


Webinar Recording

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Let's face it, there is one problem child in every classroom that even the most seasoned and experienced educators cannot control. A single outburst can set the tone for your day, disrupt peer learning, and alter your class schedule. What can you do to regain control of your students and put a stop to disruptive behavior in the classroom? Join us for an interactive, 60-minute webinar and discover:

  • Successful classroom management skills that work best
  • Identify & prevent common triggers for student outbursts
  • Proven approaches for disciplining difficult students
  • How to avoid disrupting peer learning when taking action

Program Highlights

  • Disruption Prevention: Effective Classroom Management Techniques that Work

    • Ways to avoid & prevent student conflict before it even starts
    • When to respond & when taking a time-out is the most productive course
    • Language to avoid when dealing with conflict & power struggles
  • When Conflict Arises in Class: Strategies for a Win-Win Resolution

    • Responding to conflict: Appropriate communication techniques
    • Finding a mutually acceptable solution for the toughest conflicts
    • Turning conflict into a positive teaching tool that engages students
  • From Struggle to Victory: Tips for Getting Your Toughest Students Back on Track

    • Techniques to avoid a loss of instructional time when students misbehave
    • Connecting with your most difficult students: Building a relationship
    • Get tough kids to want to cooperate by focusing on their strengths
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Allen Mendler, Ph.D. is an educator and school psychologist who has worked extensively in K12 regular education and special education settings. His emphasis is on developing effective frameworks and strategies for educators, youth professionals and parents to help difficult youth succeed.

  • As one of the internationally acclaimed authors of the original and newly revised Discipline with Dignity, Dr. Mendler has given many workshops and seminars to professionals and parents, and is highly acclaimed as a motivational speaker and trainer for numerous educational organizations.
  • Dr. Mendler is the author or co-author of 17 books including, When Teachings Gets Tough, Power Struggles: Successful Techniques of Educators and What Do I do When series. All of his books offer educators practical strategies for dealing with difficult students.
  • Additionally, Dr. Mendler has been recognized for his distinguished teaching by the Bureau of Education and Research, and was a recipient of the coveted Crazy Horse Award for having made outstanding contributions to discouraged youth.

Program Benefits

This interactive, 60-minute webinar will provide you with creative and effective ways to handle difficult students in the classroom.