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Firing Unsafe Employees: Legal & Effective Guidelines for Supervisors


Webinar Recording

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You provide safety training, have a safety training program, yet some employees still feel "it can't happen to them" or seem to just be accident prone. These employees are a risk to your workplace safety; how can you legally and effectively fire these at-risk employees? In this 60-minute webinar you and your supervisors will learn:

  • Legal steps your supervisors should be taking
  • How to document and build a strong case
  • Guidance on conducting the oral, written and final warning
  • How to recognize and handle your "problem" employees
  • Ways to minimize retaliation when it comes to firing

Program Highlights

  • Guidelines to Legally Handle Accident Prone Employees

    • Can you can fire someone for having an "unsafe attitude?"
    • What should your files contain before you take action?
    • Guarding against retaliation and handling whistleblowers
  • Documentation Best Practice to Build and Effective Case

    • Documentation guidelines for supervisors
    • Keys to ensuring consistency and appropriate timing
    • Progressive discipline: Why and how it works
  • Terminating Employees: What Supervisors Should & Shouldn't Do

    • Tips for how to handle firing an employee
    • Issues to stay focused on - and the ones to steer clear of
    • Guidelines for your supervisors
  • Question & Answer Session - Live question and answer with our speaker

About The Speaker

Ms. Mary Wright, Attorney with Ogletree Deakins, advises corporations of all sizes in all areas of the employer-employee relationship, including hiring, discipline and assessment, training, investigations, disability accommodation competition and confidentiality, classification issues, and terminations, including furloughs, reductions in force, WARN and other issues impacting employers in this volatile economic climate.

  • Ms. Wright served as Chair of her former law firm's Personnel Committee for seven years, during which time she developed a hands-on approach to advice and counsel, identifying compliance issues early enough to avoid litigation, crafting effective policies and procedures, and partnering with her clients to reach practical business solutions to complex human resource problems.
  • Ms. Wright defends employers before federal and state courts and agencies, handling all types of employment cases, including breach of contract, discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and retaliation.
  • She has significant experience with arbitration of employment disputes, and served as a judge pro tem in small claims court and as a court appointed mediator for employment cases in Los Angeles County.

Program Benefits

Unsafe or insubordinate behavior comes with the risk an employee will file a workers compensation retaliation, whistleblower, ADA, FMLA or other claims. In this 60-minute program discover steps to legally terminate employees that jeopardize the safety of others.