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Safety Incentive Programs: Do's & Don'ts for OSHA Compliance


Webinar Recording

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A well planned safety incentive program can promote safer behavior in the workplace, however OSHA has warned employers against programs that in reality discourage injury reporting, rather than positively reinforce safe work practices. How does your incentive program measure up? In this 60-minute webinar you and your managers will learn:

  • Red flags OSHA is looking for in safety incentive programs
  • Key to developing a program that promotes accurate incident reporting
  • How to effectively encourage and motivate safe work practices
  • Why incentive programs with the best intentions fail & how to fix it

Program Highlights

  • Safety Incentive Program: What OSHA Says You Can & Can't Do

    • What the Whistleblower Statute has to do with incentive/reward programs
    • How to ensure your program stands up to OSHA scrutiny
    • Rewarding safety performance: What you can & can't do
  • Creating an Effective Incentive Program for Your Organization

    • How to get maximum ROI for your safety incentive program
    • Which types of incentives are most effective to promote safety?
    • Finding the right motivator to encourage safe behavior
  • Setting Up Your Safety Incentive Plan to Succeed

    • What went wrong? Why many programs lack results
    • Evaluating results and making lasting improvements
    • When to keep your plan - and when to start over
    • Tips for sustaining the effectiveness of your program
  • Live Question & Answer Session - have your specific safety incentives questions answered!

About The Speaker

Pamela Walaski is the Regional Manager, EHS Services, Pittsburgh Office for Compliance Management International. CMI is a professional firm that provides organizations of all sizes with hands-on solutions to Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S), Department of Transportation and related risk management issues. CMI employs a diversified staff of certified safety professionals, certified industrial hygienists, professional engineers and fleet safety specialists with in-depth experience in a wide variety of business sectors.

  • Walaski is a Professional Member of ASSE, currently serving as the Administrator of the Society's Consultants Practice Specialty and Member of the Society's Nomination and Election Committee. In June 2011 Walaski was the recipient of the ASSE President's Award, and the ASSE WISE 100 Women of Safety.
  • Walaski's book, Risk and Crisis Communications: Methods and Messages was published by John Wiley & Sons in 2011. In addition, she has published numerous articles in Professional Safety; The Synergist; The Advisor; EH&S Today; Safety + Health and is a Section Coordinator for The Safety Professionals Handbook - 2nd Edition, published in April 2012. She also received second place from the editors of Professional Safety for her article on risk and crisis communications, published by PS in June 2010.

Program Benefits

These days, OSHA Inspectors are taking a hard look at safety incentive programs. This 60-minute program gives you and your managers actionable information to develop an effective and compliant incentive program - and tips to improve your existing program.