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Top Notch Minute Taking: Critical Skills for Efficiency & Accuracy


Webinar Recording

Recording Price: $199.00

(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Taking meeting minutes can be an overwhelming but crucial task that you are rarely formally trained to do, yet are expected to pick up right away. Accurate and efficient minute-taking skills will help you establish yourself as a vital member of your company and may also impact your future! Join us for this live, interactive 60-minute webinar, where we will provide you with the tools to:

  • Discover pre and post-meeting preparations to save time plus reduce stress
  • Determine what needs to be recorded as well as what can be ignored
  • Establish guidelines and check lists to help ensure quality
  • Review sample templates of appropriate agendas and minutes
  • Keys to drafting the final minutes report for the official record

Program Highlights

  • Pre-Meeting Planning: Necessary preparations to save time

    • Keys to understand what meeting minutes involves & what it doesn't
    • Tips on creating effective templates that save time & effort
    • How to use the agenda to build the framework of your minutes
    • Strategies to analyze samples of useful templates & minutes
  • Meeting Time is Your Time: Dazzle them with your minute-taking skills

    • Why consistency counts: Proven formats that get noticed immediately
    • Keys to recapping conversations without sacrificing vital details
    • How to know when to be specific with your notes & when to summarize
    • Electronic vs. hard copy: Understanding why the difference matters
  • Post-Meeting Clean-Up: Preparing your notes for the official record

    • Techniques to handle corrections & prepare for distribution
    • Keys to highlighting important items & deadlines in the final minutes
    • How to determine which minute-taking tools work best for you
    • Tips on drafting the final minutes report to ensure quality
  • Q & A Session - Have your specific minute-taking questions answered!

About The Speaker

Patricia Robb has been in the administrative field for almost 30 years and is currently a Senior Executive Assistant for a not-for-profit organization. She regularly takes minutes for the leadership team and is the Corporate Secretary to the Board of Directors. She is a member of the Ottawa Chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). With the skills she possesses, Patricia has presented actionable strategies to many audiences of administrative professionals. Also, as an expert on the subject of minute-taking, Patricia often provides tips on her blog for improving her fellow admins' skills, helping her colleagues to be the best they can be.

Program Benefits

A webinar designed to provide administrative professionals with minute-taking skills to make you an invaluable member of your organization.