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Women's Leadership: Grow Your Career - Key Strategic Thinking Skills


Webinar Recording

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An unfortunate reality is women are not often viewed as strategic thinkers; but our natural ability to juggle multiple tasks, problem solve and navigate complex situations - position us well to excel at this critical skill. This webinar will show women professionals how to engage in strategic thinking on a daily basis to move their organization, and their careers, forward. Join us to discover:

  • Traits and skills of strategic women thinkers and their top challenges
  • How strategic thinking is different from goal setting, analysis or problem solving
  • A disciplined process of strategically thinking, planning, and acting on a daily basis
  • How to ask "Big Questions" to help your team think strategically
  • Common challenges women encounter - and how to overcome them

Program Highlights

  • Strategic Thinking for Women Professionals and Why It Matters

    • Why every woman needs to learn this skill and how it will accelerate your career
    • What strategic thinking is and what it is not
    • Traits and behaviors of strategic thinkers
    • Challenges that get in the way of strategic thinking - and what you can do
  • The Strategic Thinking Process - Practices Women Need to Know

    • Thinking backwards and why it works for women professionals
    • Learn a step by step process of how to think strategically
    • Common situations leaders face and how to think strategically about them
  • Tools for Women Leaders to Help Your Team Think Strategically

    • Assess your teams strategic thinking skills
    • How to pose "Big Questions" that will get your team to think strategically
    • Tips for guiding your team and keeping them focused
  • Live Question & Answer - Have your specific strategic thinking questions answered!

About The Speaker

Tara Powers M.S., Chief Engagement Builder at Powers Resource Center, partners with clients to enable strategic success and business growth by helping leaders, teams and trainers build employee engagement to maximize results.

  • Through her coaching and award winning leadership programs, Tara has helped hundreds of leaders and teams accelerate their success by building trust, improving communication, learning to walk the talk and get real about the habits that create outstanding results.
  • Tara offers Train the Trainer programs that teach trainers, coaches and consultants how to create transformational programs for their clients and employees. Tara's style is described as innovative and highly interactive. Her clients continually remark on her enthusiasm, energy, and thoughtfulness in a learning environment.
  • Tara's experience includes working with startups, government, retail, financial organizations, marketing agencies, call centers and customer service environments. She has also been recognized as a national speaker and presenter for HR.Com, SHRM and many other well know organizations.

Program Benefits

In this 60-minute program, women professionals will learn a strategic thinking process for making decisions and solving problems as well as assess their own unique strategic thinking skills. Ideas for thinking strategically about organizational growth and customer trends and priorities will be presented to help you excel.