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Overcoming Objections: Beat Stalls & Smokescreens, Win More Sales


Webinar Recording

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A prospect will say no an average of five times before they actually commit to buying, so an objection is not necessarily a rejection. How do you turn that no into a yes? Join us for a 60-minute webinar where you and your sales team will learn:

  • How to anticipate and prepare for objections and stalls
  • A secret psychological weapon that makes your presentation irresistible
  • The most common types of objections & the best strategies to respond
  • A simple tool that will turn you into & objection handling expert
  • When to cut your losses & move on to more promising prospects

Program Highlights

  • Anticipating & Preparing for Your Customer's Objections

    • Keys to answer common objections before they're raised
    • What to say when they say, "Your price is too high"
    • Criteria words: The secret key to decoding customers' priorities
    • Understand the difference between a condition & a true objection
  • Dealing with Difficult Prospects: Overcome Objections & Close the Deal

    • How to overcome "Send me some info" and "Let me think about it"
    • Recognizing buying signals that tell you when to close
    • Flushing out hidden objections & getting all of the objections out
  • Stop Wasting Your Time: When to Move On to Reach Your Numbers Faster

    • When to make the painful decision to cut you loses and walk away
    • Body language and gestures that telegraph hidden messages
    • How to exit gracefully while leaving the door open to future business
  • Live question and answer session - Have your specific questions answered!

About The Speaker

Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP teaches sales teams how to close more business using unconventional weapons and tactics.

  • He's an award-winning international keynote speaker, sales trainer, and best-selling co-author of 6 books in the legendary Guerrilla Marketing series.
  • He's been voted One of world's TOP 5 Sales Speakers for the past four years straight.
  • His take-no-prisoners approach is entertaining, motivating, and devastatingly effective.

Program Benefits

This 60-minute webinar will allow you to sharpen your closing techniques, overcome objections and build long lasting relationships with your prospects and customers.