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Student Search & Seizure: Guideline Updates to Minimize Legal Liability


Webinar Recording

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Student search and seizure guidelines continue to create a constantly-changing grey area for educators and administrators with the challenges of new technology, higher drug use, increased school violence and concerns about civil rights. How can you implement a search and seizure program that will safeguard both your school and your students, and minimize your legal liability? Join us for this 60 minute webinar where you and your staff will learn:

  • Confiscation legal do's & dont's for cell phones, laptops & personal items
  • When is it okay to monitor student texts, emails & Facebook pages?
  • How to effectively deal with illegal drugs or weapons at school
  • Most common & dangerous mistakes schools are making & how to avoid them
  • New major court decisions: Which searches & seizures are allowed?

Program Highlights

  • Search & Seizure: Keys for Dealing with Student Technology Misconduct

    • Cell phones, laptops, iPads & iPods: Confiscation do's and dont's
    • Keys to searching student texts, email & Facebook pages
    • Strategies for monitoring inappropriate student behavior online
  • K-12 Search & Seizure Safe Practices: What's Legal, What's Not?

    • Searching backpacks, lockers, and computers: Keys to stay compliant
    • Tips to effectively deal with illegal drugs or weapons on school property
    • When is it time to involve local law enforcement at your school?
  • Clearing up the Confusion: 4th Amendment Rights in Schools

    • Guidelines for investigating student behavior under the 4th amendment
    • How to avoid violating students' reasonable expectation of privacy
    • Administrative searches - do's and don'ts to ensure compliance
  • Live Q&A Session: Have your specific questions answered by our expert.

About The Speaker

Edwin C. Darden is Director of Education Law and Policy for Appleseed Network which is a nonprofit network of public interest justice centers and professionals dedicated to building a just society through legal, legislative and market-based structural reform.

  • Edwin is President of The Education Advocacy Firm, Inc. (EdAdvocacy), in Virginia, an enterprise helping school district leaders improve how they manage K-12 law and policy issues. EdAdvocacy and its marquee initiative, the Practical Education Law Team, specializes in empowering public school principals to better understand federal law and therefore avoid lawsuits.
  • Mr. Darden previously served as senior staff attorney at the National School Boards Association and as Director of the Center for Urban Schools Program at the New York State School Boards Association. He was for five years a contributing editor and author of the "School Law" column in American School Board Journal magazine and is now the "Education Law" columnist for Phi Delta Kappa magazine.
  • Darden is a member of the advisory boards for Parents for Public Schools and the Mid-Atlantic Equity Assistance Center and is Past President of the Education Law Association. He holds a juris doctor from Georgetown University Law Center.

Program Benefits

This practical 60-minute webinar will provide you and your staff with guidance on how to develop a search and seizure program that protects both your school and your students, minimizing legal liability.