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Tier II Update: EPA Requirements You Need to Know


Webinar Recording

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(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Any facility with hazardous substances is required under EPCRA Tier II to report them to certain federal, state and local agencies. Misreporting or failure to report can lead to penalties for noncompliance. In this 60-minute webinar you and your team will learn:

  • EPA's requirements for Tier II and Tier I reporting requirements
  • Which agencies to notify, what to report, and by when
  • How to determine on-site threshold reporting quantities
  • Specific guidelines for completing your Tier II report

Program Highlights

  • Tier II Reporting: What You Need to Know Now to Keep Compliant

    • Which substances in your facility must be reported?
    • Threshold reporting quantities for your facilities
    • Which agencies to send reports to and critical deadlines
  • Four Key Reporting Requirements for Your Facility

    • Emergency Planning
    • Emergency Release Notification
    • Community Right-to-Know Reporting
    • Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Reporting
  • Clearing Up the Confusion on Tier II Reporting

    • Determining if more that one requirement applies
    • Handling regulations with similar requirements
    • What must be included in your Tier II reporting?
  • Question and Answer Session - Hear real-world Tier II issues addressed!

About The Speaker

Donna Hymes is recognized as an expert in the field of environmental compliance. Donna has been working in the environmental industry for over 25 years, focusing in the areas of environmental compliance and liability, hazardous waste management as well as storage tank compliance. Ms. Hymes has managed the Tier II program of a major company for over five years and is the hazardous waste coordinator for the retail operation of a Fortune 500 company. Ms. Hymes is Vice President of JD2 Environmental, Inc.

Program Benefits

This practical 60-minute program gives you the most up-to-date information on Tier II reporting requirements and hand-on tools needed to keep your facility compliant with the regulations.