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Electronic Record Retention for Nonprofits: What to Save, What to Purge


Webinar Recording

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Record retention policies are critical to nonprofit organizations to ensure compliance with federal laws as well as provide transparency and accountability to the public. With so many electronic documents, it is more crucial than ever to manage them responsibly. How long should you retain records? What electronic documents are legally required to be stored? Who should be responsible for particular records? Join us for a live, 60-minute webinar where you will discover:

  • Keys to establishing effective records policies for your nonprofit
  • Legal risks of "under-saving": Know the "must-keep" rules
  • What is modern law telling your organization about records management?
  • Electronic record retention compliance: Digital files, texts, email & more
  • Bring-your-own-device (BYOD): Keys to handling employee files

Program Highlights

  • Nonprofit Electronic Recordkeeping - How to Comply with Legal Guidelines

    • What is the rationale for keeping records or destroying them?
    • Key court cases regarding electronic records: Real-world examples
    • What are the key retention requirements for your information?
    • Sarbanes-Oxley & From 990: Strategies for being "audit ready"
  • Electronic Record Retention & Destruction: Proven Policies that Work

    • Key elements of an e-records retention policy - what you need to know
    • What are your obligations for computerized files, websites, and emails?
    • BYOD in the workplace: Considerations for employee-owned devices
    • BYO services: Who controls online services that employees use for work?
  • Customizing a Compliant Record Retention Program for Your Organization

    • Practical tips to sell the policy to stakeholders in your organization
    • Ways technology is making record retention easier for you
    • Best practices - sample policies & language from other nonprofits
  • Live Q&A session - Have your specific questions answered.

About The Speaker

Benjamin Wright With 25 years in private law practice, he has advised many organizations, large and small, private sector and public sector, on privacy, computer security, records management and e-mail discovery.

  • Mr. Wright is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and professional meetings, and is the author of several technology law books, including "Business Law and Computer Security" published by the SANS Institute. He has been quoted in publications around the globe, from the Wall Street Journal to the Sydney Morning Herald.
  • In 2010 Russian banking authorities tapped Mr. Wright for advice on the law of e-records, technology and electronic payments.
  • Benjamin maintains a popular blog at

Program Benefits

In this practical, 60-minute webinar, you will learn effective ways to determine what electronic records your nonprofit should save, destroy or reserve rights to.