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K-12 Community Partnerships: Boost Funding, Create Work Programs & More


Webinar Recording

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With reduced funding and budget cuts, many schools struggle to provide the best experience for their students. Community partnerships can provide K-12 schools with the resources and support needed to enhance the educational experience. How can you form and develop strong partnerships within your community in order to improve student learning? Join us for our highly-informative, 60-minute webinar where you will discover:

  • How to assess opportunities and develop community partnerships
  • Strategies for creating a program that is mutually beneficial for all
  • Tips for obtaining additional funding & resources from your partners
  • Real life examples of the most successful community relationships

Program Highlights

  • Keys for Finding the Perfect Partner to Support Your School

    • What makes a good partner: Understand important qualifications
    • How to make your school look like an attractive partner
    • Strategies for reaching out & establishing a community partner
  • How to Cultivate a Mutually Beneficial & Rewarding Partnership

    • Establish a mutually cooperative mission: What should be included
    • Measurable goals that work: Creating a partnership plan
    • Real world examples: Successful partnership plans already in action
  • Gain Additional Support: Keys for Acquiring Resources from Your Partners

    • Boost Financial Support: How to gain monetary gifts from your partners
    • Effective methods for acquiring corporate grants from sponsors
    • Student work programs: Enhance the K-12 experience through partnerships
    • Proven methods to measure, evaluate, & refine results
  • Interactive Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Linda Coyle is a STEM Education Consultant with ExploringSTEM, LLC and her background spans a 34-year career in K-12 and Higher Education. Most recently, she provides consulting services to Science Foundation Arizona and the AZ STEM Network in the collaborative development of the STEM Immersion Guide and the AZ STEM Network Web-based Community.

  • Linda previously served 26 years in the classroom and then in high profile roles with the Paradise Valley Unified School District in Phoenix, AZ. Her roles included K-12 STEM Curriculum Specialist and CREST STEM School Coordinator, as well as K-12 Curriculum Specialist for Science, Health and Physical Education.
  • Linda also served as a Science Cohort Instructor for both the "Teach for America" program and the Induction, Master of Education and Arizona Teacher Certification programs at Arizona State University. She has also taught at the Community College level.
  • Linda holds a B.S. degree from Eastern Michigan University and a Master's Degree from Arizona State University. She was awarded the 2004 AZ Middle School Science Teacher of the Year, and in 2005 was a state finalist for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Instruction.

Program Benefits

Join us for this 60-minute webinar to discover how to create mutually beneficial partnerships for your K-12 school.