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Electronic Record Retention: Regulations for Email, Destruction, & More


Webinar Recording

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As an increasing number of organizations transfer to a paperless workplace, the challenges posed by electronic record retention is more important than ever. From scanned documents to paper records, to emails and instant messages, do you know which e-records you should save and which are safe to delete? Join us for this live, 60-minute webinar where you will discover how to keep your company out of hot water in 2014:

  • Best strategies to establish company policies for in-house records
  • Retention & destruction guidelines: Electronic & paper records
  • Email archiving & search tools: How to organize and store your data
  • Discarding dusty paper records: Scanning & destroying rules to follow

  • Bonus: Attendees will receive a sample template for electronic & record retention policies!

Program Highlights

  • Electronic Record Retention: Best Practices & Common Pitfalls to Avoid

    • Scanning paper records: The responsible way to transfer your files
    • Record destruction regulations: Paper records & scanned images
    • Archiving emails: Drafting an email Policy for your specific enterprise
  • Strategies for Record Retention of Emails and Other Electronic Messages

    • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD): Sample policy template to follow
    • Crafting a company policy: Defensible process to follow & implement
    • Social networking communications: How to address Facebook & more
  • Email Law and Retention: Best Tools to Manage your Emails Responsibly

    • What courts and regulators expect from your records: Avoid fines
    • Keys to help decide which emails need to be kept - and for how long?
    • Example records lawsuits: How to avoid unwanted legal issues
  • Live Q&A Session - Have your specific E-Record Retention questions answered!

About The Speaker

Benjamin Wright is an attorney and author of technology law books, including "The Law of Electronic Commerce" and "Business Law and Computer Security (SANS)".

  • Mr. Wright is also a featured speaker at industry conferences and professional meetings, as well as a teacher for e-discovery, and data security and cyber investigations law at the SANS Institute.
  • Mr. Wright advises clients on digital law and forensics investigations. He is also a pioneer in the promotion of public relations to address Internet legal issues and crises.

Program Benefits

In this jam-packed, 60-minute webinar you will discover what you need to know about today's electronic record retention policies, to ensure your organization is following best practices to avoid surprises or unwanted penalties and fines.