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Women's Leadership: How to Ask for - and Get - What You Want


Webinar Recording

Recording Price: $199.00

(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Negotiating is essential for getting ahead, so why do many women shy away from asking for what they want? With this strategic communication skill women can ask for what they need - whether it's from bosses, colleagues, employees, customers or vendors - and know how to get it! In this 60-minute webinar you and your team members will learn:

  • The 10 negotiating strategies every woman should know
  • Tools and techniques for each stage of the game
  • How to plan your negotiating strategy to get what you want
  • Tips to break a negotiating deadlock, and come out ahead

Program Highlights

  • Negotiation Skills: How Women Can Boost Their Career

    • Understanding the four key objectives of negotiation
    • Determining your objective - identify what you want
    • The five essential facts of any negotiation
  • Playing the Negotiating Game: Rules Women Need to Know

    • Four steps for any effective negotiation
    • Specific tools and techniques for each step of the game
    • Accessing your own negotiation skills
  • Asking Your Higher Ups, Employees (even Customers) for What You Want

    • The 10 negotiation strategies women need to succeed
    • When to use - and not use - these strategies
    • How to respond when these strategies are used on you!
  • Live Question & Answer Session - have your specific questions on negotiating answered

About The Speaker

Tara Powers is a Cultural Alignment Expert and Business Acceleration Coach. For more than 10 years, Tara has helped small and large companies with her coaching and training programs to enhance their performance and effectiveness in a variety of areas.

  • These areas include emerging leadership, emerging teams, customer relationship management, and building positive work relationships.
  • She forms long-term, trusted partnerships with her clients that enable strategic success and business growth by developing leaders and teams to achieve peak performance.
  • Tara's style is described as innovative and highly interactive. Clients continually remark on her enthusiasm, energy, and thoughtfulness in a learning environment.
  • She is a frequent speaker at SHRM including national and Colorado chapter events.

Program Benefits

Asking for what you want is hard, actually getting it is even harder. The way to do get what you need from people in your office, or outside vendors and customers is with effective negotiation skills. In this 60-minute program women will learn strategies they need move forward in the workplace, and in their careers.