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Avoid Independent Contractor Misclassifications: How to Get It Right


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Misclassifying independent contractors and employees can be costly. Recently, a company had to pay $11M for ongoing violations related to misclassifications. Whether a worker is an independent contractor or employee isn't always clear. Misclassifying employees can cost your organization huge sums of money in overtime, unpaid taxes, benefits and penalties. Join us for a 60-minute webinar where you and your colleagues will discover:

  • How the IRS distinguishes between employees and independent contractors
  • Keys to avoid common errors employers make with independent contractors
  • Spot possible violations related to the Affordable Care Act
  • Hidden risks involving misclassified employees and benefit plans
  • How to "fix" existing relationships that have been misclassified
  • Keys for effectively correcting misclassification without making it worse

Program Highlights

  • How to Properly Classify Your Workers: What You Need To Know

    • Legal risks and potential liability and how to minimize exposure
    • Navigating special issues associated with leased employees and PEOs
    • Do's and don'ts to reduce your risks & how to make sure it never happens again
    • Traditional vs Settlement: Which method for misclassification correction is best for you?
    • Factors to look at in determining if a person is an employee or an independent contractor
  • Independent Contractor or Employee?: Issues Involving Benefit Plans and Tax

    • Benefit plans and hidden liability when you have misclassified a worker
    • New risks affecting the Affordable Care Act
    • What relief provisions can prevent you from having to pay employment taxes?
    • Ways to avoid retroactive benefit plan coverage of reclassified workers
    • Recent legal decisions and the impact on employers
  • Keys To Minimize Your Risk & Protect Your Company

    • Use the latest SS-8 form as an invaluable classification tool
    • Penalties of treating an employee as a contractor - even if it is an honest mistake
    • What are the interest and penalties that can possibly be fully abated?
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Have your independent contractor questions answered!

About The Speaker

Stefan Smith has extensive experience in employee benefits and executive compensation law. He works with both public and private entities to establish and ensure the continued compliance of tax-qualified defined contribution and defined benefit retirement plans, including 401(k)/profit sharing plans, traditional defined benefit plans, money purchase plans, employee stock ownership plans, and cash balance plans.

Program Benefits

This 60-minute webinar examines common misperceptions about the tests for independent contactors, the risks involved in misclassifying individuals, practical tips to avoid liability for misclassification, and issues and answers involving taxation and benefit plans.