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Corrective Action: Finding Lasting Solutions for Quality Problems


Webinar Recording

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(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Once the problem that negatively impacts process or product quality is identified, implementing corrective actions requires careful and targeted planning to ensure a permanent fix. In this 60-minute webinar you and your team will discover ways to:

  • Determine the optimal resolution to each unique problem
  • Develop an actionable plan to resolve recurring problems
  • Implement your corrective action plan and keep it on track
  • Audit to verify the success of your implemented solutions

Program Highlights

  • Corrective Action Best Practices: Put an End to Recurring Problems

    • Immediate corrective actions to stop errors in their tracks
    • The three types of solutions that work for any problem
    • Finding complete and permanent corrective actions
  • Boosting Customer Satisfaction: Keys for Your Corrective Action Plan

    • Tips for documenting the problem and best corrective action
    • Objective approach towards solution selection
    • Determining when to initiate a corrective action
  • Continuous Quality Improvement through Corrective Actions

    • Quality planning for effective solution implementation
    • Techniques for writing an actionable corrective plan
    • Measuring solutions to ensure you're getting the results wanted
  • Question and Answer Session Hear expert answers to Corrective Actions questions

About The Speaker

Cathy Fisher is a dedicated quality professional and founder of Quistem, LLC and Quality Improvement Strategies. With over 30 years of industry experience, Cathy has worked with thousands of organizations representing industry sectors from manufacturing, chemical processing, information management to professional services providers as well as government agencies and contractors.

  • She provides customized management systems development, business planning, business systems evaluation/audit, process improvement and technical competency development programs to support organizations in their mission to establish customer focused processes which provide profitable results.
  • Cathy recently introduced Quistem, LLC, an online quality/technical mentorship program for quality and technical professionals to increase their knowledge and put into action quality improvement tools in order to achieve outstanding results for their employer and excel in their career growth.

Program Benefits

Today's customers expect excellence in product and service, but what if an ongoing problem threatens the level of quality you provide? In this 60-minute program you will learn proven corrective action strategies that ensure the success of your problem solving initiatives.