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Create & Enforce Social Media Policies in the Workplace: Keys for Success


Webinar Recording

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Employees posting damaging comments about their company online, inappropriately emailing other employees, creating false LinkedIn accounts, and disclosing insider information on blogs can all have a negative impact on your organization. Companies must consider the potential liability at bay with both on-the-clock and off-the-clock employee social media use. Join us for a live, 60-minute webinar where we will cover the latest trends and emerging risks when creating and updating and enforcing an employee social media policy, as well as:

  • The world of social media: What's legal, what's not-and what you don't have to stand for
  • Create techniques to include for outside of work behavior in employee handbooks
  • Disciplinary action: What counts as grounds for legally firing an employee?
  • What social network information can be used when hiring and firing?

Program Highlights

  • What Does Your Employee Handbook Say about Outside of Work Behavior?

    • Conflict of interest & social media policies: drafting strategies for your handbook
    • State employee lifestyle statutes & how they protect your employees' behavior
    • Required connection to the workplace: employee handbook do's and don'ts
    • At what point does behavior cross-the-line and become an employment concern?
  • Drafting Effective Internet Policies to Protect Against Emerging Networks

    • Drafting policies: Essentials to include and what to leave out
    • Avoid legal action: Restrictions on monitoring employees' use of social media
    • What is considered inappropriate behavior vs freedom of speech?
  • Employee Use of Blogs, Facebook and Twitter: What You Need to Know

    • Strategies to protect confidential and business information
    • Can employers be held liable for employee blog posts?
    • What online information can be used to make employment decisions?
  • Interactive Q & A Session: Have Your Employee Internet Policy Questions Answered

About The Speaker

Timothy A. Palmer , Shareholder with Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C

  • Mr. Palmer is an experienced litigator specializing in both employment litigation and general civil litigation in state and federal courts. His interest in litigation began early in his legal career when as a law student at Vanderbilt University, Mr. Palmer won the Harlan Dodson Moot Court Competition and was appointed to the position of Associate Justice of Vanderbilt's Moot Court Board. Mr. Palmer began his career in 1988 as an associate and later a partner in a large general practice firm in Birmingham. During his early practice of law, Mr. Palmer defended parties in jury trials of claims ranging from employee terminations to personal injury disputes to employee benefit and insurance claims.

Program Benefits

In our live, 60-minute webinar, you will learn strategies for creating effective social network and internet policies protecting you from both in and out of the workplace employee misconduct.