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Underground Storage Tanks: Compliance Requirements for Your Facility


Webinar Recording

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Facilities with underground storage tanks are now required to have operators that are A, B and C training certified. Many operators have received certification, but many facilities' tank systems have yet to be brought into full compliance. In this webinar you and your team will learn:

  • What you need to do to make your site compliant
  • How to collect accurate leak detection records - and what they mean
  • Tips to prepare your facility for a site inspection
  • Keys and tools needed for functionality testing
  • What additional testing practices are required and when

Program Highlights

  • What Underground Storage Tank Operators Need to Know Now

    • Understanding what upgrades are needed and when
    • What to do if your tanks system needs work done
    • Common compliance problems and how to fix them
  • UST Tank Management: Compliance Guidelines for Your Facility

    • Recordkeeping requirements for your UST system
    • What maintenance should be done - and when
    • How often inspections and testing should be performed
  • Developing Your Facility's UST Emergency Response Procedures

    • Protection during delivery of regulated substances
    • Operation of emergency shut-off systems
    • Appropriate responses to all alarms
    • Reporting of leaks, spills and releases
    • Requirements that now also impact petroleum tanks
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your specific UST question answered!

About The Speaker

David Piercey of JD2 Environmental has over 29 years' experience and is recognized as one of the country's leading tank specialists. His extensive background includes:

  • Instructor for the various organizations on tank installation, repair and standards.
  • Contributing Author for "Aboveground Storage Tank Management and SPCC Guide" and "Underground Storage Tank Management," both are published by ABS Consulting
  • Consulting with a wide range of facilities on developing SPCC and ICP plans to ensure compliance with EPA requirements.
  • Has conducted thousand of storage tank design, construction, upgrade, and inspection programs throughout the United States.
  • Works with clients nationwide to provide tank management programs for both underground and aboveground storage tanks.
  • Underground storage tank instructor for Operator A,B and C training
  • Committee member for Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI), recommended practices for Inspection and Maintenance for USTs, PEI-RP900 and PEI Recommended Practices for the Installation of USTs, PEI-RP100.

Program Benefits

You're a A,B & C underground storage tanks operator, what's the next step? This 60-minute program gives operators and owners clear explanations and guidelines of what you need to be doing now to get and keep your facility in compliance.