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Reducing K-12 Absenteeism Effectively: A Plan of Action for Your School


Webinar Recording

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The chance of a student ranking below their current grade level is almost 2 times higher when they're chronically absent. Even frequently late or absent students are more likely to struggle with their school work and act out in class. How do you create an environment that promotes attendance and addresses chronic tardiness, absenteeism, and truancy? Join us for this highly-informative, 60-minute webinar to discover:

  • Critical strategies for creating an attendance-oriented culture in your school
  • Tips for moving from awareness to action: Set students up for success
  • Keys to reduce tardiness, absenteeism, & truancy at your school
  • Essential policy guidelines to enforce attendance & stay compliant

Program Highlights

  • Promote Attendance: Proactive Tips to Help Students Succeed!

    • How attendance impacts reading proficiency, graduation rates & more
    • Tips for motivating K12 students to come to school
    • How to communicate expectations with parents & students
  • Effective Strategies to Reduce Tardiness, Absenteeism, & Truancy

    • Keys to recognize the early warning signs & take action
    • Crucial steps to improve your school's attendance rate
    • Real-life examples: Success stories at K-12 Schools
  • Policy Guidelines & Legal Compliance: Enforce Attendance & State Laws

    • Absenteeism policy best practices: What schools should know
    • Tips for enforcing attendance & utilize truancy laws and courts
    • Common policy enforcement mistakes & how to avoid them
  • Interactive Q&A - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Jessica Sprick is a trainer and writer for Safe and Civil Schools. She began work in schools as a special education teacher for students with emotional and behavioral needs and later became a Dean of Students at the middle school level. Ms. Sprick works with schools and districts to implement practical, research-based strategies to improve school and classroom climates and safety, and to facilitate the academic and behavioral growth of all students.

  • In recent years, Ms. Sprick's work has largely focused on how to improve student attendance. She presents nationwide to schools and districts about how to address this critical issue, using easy-to-implement strategies to prevent problems at a universal level and effective function-based interventions with individual students.
  • Ms. Sprick is a co-author of Functional Behavior Assessment of Absenteeism & Truancy Absenteeism and Truancy: Interventions and Universal Procedures, and Foundations: A Proactive and Positive Behavior Support System (3rd Edition). She is also a co-author of the soon-to-be released Functional Behavior Assessment of Bullying, and Bullying: Universal Procedures and Interventions.

Program Benefits

Join us for this 60-minute webinar to discover how your school can address the growing problems of chronic absenteeism, truancy, and tardiness effectively and proactively.