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Responding to Aggressive Student Behavior in the Classroom: Methods that Work


Webinar Recording

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Verbal and physical outbursts are unfortunately common in classrooms across all grade levels. What can you do to, not only prevent, but manage and assess aggressive student behavior in your classroom? Join us for a 60-minute webinar and learn:

  • An effective behavioral plan that fits the needs of your student
  • Appropriate techniques for handling a student meltdown or crisis
  • Strategies to manage and assess aggressive student behavior
  • Key considerations for IDEA & student discipline laws

Program Highlights

  • Identify & React to Early Warning Signs of a Violent Episode

    • Common cues & signals to avoid a classroom crisis: What you need to know
    • Prevent violence on your watch: Taking notice to risk factors
    • Effective interventions in changing hostile-aggressive student behavior
  • Responding to a Verbal or Physical Outburst: What to do, What not to Do

    • IDEA & student discipline laws: Avoid legal pitfalls & liability
    • Techniques for remaining calm during a hostile situation
    • How to stay prepared for the most alarming altercations
    • Methods for diffusing aggressive behavior & preventing violent situations
  • Developing Student Behavior Plans: Effective Solutions for a Troubled Student

    • How to create a results-oriented behavior plan: Address your student's needs
    • Positive reinforcements that motivate your student to change for the better
    • Teaming up with parents and IEPs: Essential legal considerations
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Allen Mendler, Ph.D. is an educator and school psychologist who resides in Rochester, New York. He has extensive experience working with children of all ages in regular education and special education settings. Dr. Mendler's emphasis is on developing effective frameworks and strategies for educators, youth professionals and parents to help youth with learning and behavior problems succeed.

  • Dr. Mendler has given many workshops and seminars to professionals and parents, and is highly acclaimed as a motivational speaker and trainer for numerous educational organizations on topics pertaining to challenging students, including those with ADHD.
  • Allen is the author or co-author of many publications including the iconic Discipline with Dignity. Other publications include best sellers When Teaching Gets Tough and Motivating Students Who Don't Care. He blogs frequently for Edutopia and other online organizations.

Program Benefits

This interactive, 60-minute webinar will provide you with effective methods to respond, manage and assess aggressive student behavior in your classroom.