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Stepping Up as Operations Manager: 2-Day Online Training


Webinar Recording

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Operations managers are faced with the daily task of addressing an organization's biggest areas of loss, applying effective strategies for boosting ROI and saving the company money, while managing the systems and people that are responsible for output. Join us for our 2-day, interactive training program, where we will address the critical strategies for operations professionals to apply when streamlining processes and managing teams to attain critical savings and company cost-effectiveness. Our expert speaker, Michelle Coussens, will address these and other critical strategies, including:

  • Planning: Keys to Identify Proven Planning Practices Essential to Operational Effectiveness
  • Management: Define the Management Roles for Streamlining Processes and Procedures
  • Forecasting: What are the Essential Forecasting, Planning & Analysis Means to Measure Success?
  • Quality: Overview and examples of Quality Assurance Systems & Best Practices Used By Successful Operations Managers
  • Improvement: Strategies for Addressing Continuous Process Improvement of for Cost-Effectiveness

Program Highlights

  • Day 1, Part 1 (Operations Management: Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships)

    • Define the function of the operations manager: recognize typical roles and responsibilities
    • Define the variations in responsibilities and focus of the operations manager in various industries
    • Recognize key planning, execution, and accountability responsibilities in relation to higher levels, as well as other departments and stakeholders.
  • Day 1, Part 2 (Operational Processes: Tactics for Effective Planning & Execution)

    • Best practices to plan, build and manage company operations
    • How to develop processes initiatives and programs to introduce and sustain competitive operations within the organization
    • Identify how to overcome common obstacles in operations when managing systems and people
  • Day 2, Part 1 (Operations Structures & Strategies: Forecasting & Analysis)

    • Keys to developing an operations strategy for your business
    • Forecasting models and analytical techniques for creating effective processes and strong ROI
    • Keys to creating effective business plans to accomplish goals
  • Day 2, Part 2 (Operational Improvement: Quality Control Strategies for Success)

    • Implementing quality and lean operations practices that work with your strategy
    • Using key performance indicators to monitor and measure efficiency and effectiveness
    • Identifying continuous improvement protocols for ongoing progression

    Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

For more than ten years, Michelle Coussens has owned and operated Plan B Consulting. Services span teaching how and why to prepare business plans, assisting in plan development, and business plan review. In addition, she facilitates strategic planning and other business retreats and conducts market analysis and competitive intelligence for various types of entrepreneurs and organizations worldwide.

  • Michelle is on the faculty of the American Management Association where she teaches numerous different strategic planning, management, and analytical seminars to business professionals around the world and is also on the business faculty at College of DuPage. Through her business, she has published more than 100 monthly issues of her newsletter, Planning Possibilities, which is currently distributed worldwide to more than 3,700 clients and contacts.
  • While consulting, Michelle became the Dean of the School of Business at Kendall College. She built and managed all aspects of the School, including faculty and curriculum selection and assessment, as well as program development. Reporting to the Provost, Ms. Coussens oversaw and managed all aspects of the Business School, including faculty and curriculum selection and assessment, as well as program development and enhancement. Under her direction, the program grew from just 13 students to 200 students within the first two years, generating professionally savvy, globally-driven, and services-oriented graduates who have been hired by such companies as Accenture or who have successfully started their own companies, such as Constructive Chaos.

Program Benefits

In this interactive, 2-day online training program, you will develop the core operations management skills and competencies that will help you to excel your operations knowledge, planning, control, problem-solving and communication skills.