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Copywriting Workshop: Improve SEO, Boost Conversions & Measure Success


Webinar Recording

Recording Price: $199.00

(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Today's copywriters face the challenge of creating compelling copy that stands out in a crowded digital landscape. Paying attention to detail and writing copy with SEO in mind will bump your search ranking up and ultimately increase ROI. How can you create outstanding copy that appears in more searches and boosts conversions? Join us for our 90-minute, online-workshop where you will discover:

  • Effective copywriting techniques that improve your SEO
  • What key words increase quality traffic to your site
  • How to write copy that converts the sale
  • Common copywriting mistakes and how to avoid them

Program Highlights

  • Copywriting for SEO: Proven Strategies to Improve Searchability

    • How Google and other search engines prioritize content
    • Effective copywriting techniques to increase site traffic
    • Top mistakes copywriters make and how to avoid them
  • Essential Keywords for Copywriters: What Works & What doesn't

    • How to write copy for your desired target audience
    • Strategies for selecting words that will resonate with your audience
    • How to use word density & long tail keywords to improve SEO
  • Boost Conversions with Copywriting: Turn Visitors into Purchasers

    • Keys for writing a captivating copy that produces conversions
    • How to offer solutions as opposed to just a product or service
    • Monitoring Metrics: Analyze data and make necessary adjustments
  • Live Q&A Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Tina Arnoldi is qualified in Google Analytics, Apps, and AdWords, and is a Google Partner. She provides consulting to clients through her company 360 Internet Strategy and also offers training.

  • Her speaking engagements include Google sponsored events and nonprofit conferences.
  • Tina was recognized in 2007 by the Charleston Business Journal with a "Forty Under 40" award and again in 2011 as an Influential Woman in Business.

Program Benefits

Join us for this interactive, 90-minute webinar, where you will discover how you can create compelling copy to improve your SEO and increase conversions.