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Process Mapping: Cut Errors, Reduce Costs & Improve Quality


Webinar Recording

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Process mapping is a technique that provides a structural analysis of a process flow. It is a proven diagnostic tool to target and correct errors and problem areas specific to your organization's processes. This practical method helps you create solutions that eliminate non-value adding work, wasted time and costs. In this 60-minute webinar you and your team will discover how to:

  • Use process mapping to analyze work flow in your specific processes
  • Identify inefficient processes and make lasting improvements
  • Use value stream mapping to find and cut wastes - and costs
  • Apply process mapping techniques to any type of process

Program Highlights

  • Process Mapping: Techniques to Reduce Errors & Make Improvements

    • How to draft process maps to evaluate your own processes
    • Understanding key process mapping terms and symbols
    • Real-world examples of process maps you can use
    • Product Quality versus Process Quality Mindset
  • Value Stream Process Mapping: Effective Tool for Cutting Wastes

    • Understanding the concept of "white space"
    • Defining meaningful and actionable data
    • Determining your Value Effectiveness Ratio
    • Guidelines for drafting a Value-Stream Process Map
  • Improving the Bottom Line: Key Benefits of Process Mapping

    • Discover sources of hidden waste and opportunities for improvement
    • Set your baseline for dramatic quality and yield improvements
    • Reduce costs and cycle time - 50 % improvement not uncommon!
  • Live Question and Answer session - Have your specific Process Mapping questions answered

About The Speaker

Paul Hine is a Senior Lean Six Sigma Consultant for Quality Support Group that helps organizations develop and implement change initiatives that dramatically improve operational performance. He spends his time by coaching performance improvements with individual executives and project teams.

  • Paul spent 4 1/2 years as a Graduate School Professor at Rensselaer's (RPI) Hartford Campus teaching Lean Six Sigma and Healthcare Process Improvement. He was the IPM (Industrial Process Management) Advisor overseeing the Black Belt Certification process.
  • He was an Instructor for Continuous Improvement at Worcester Polytechnic Institute for over 20 years.
  • During this time he was the Lead Instructor in WPI's Lean Certification program.
  • Paul has helped several organizations turn their businesses around by assuming interim positions ranging from Director of Quality, Plant Manager to Director of Supply Chain. As a consultant he worked with teams that accomplished the following;
  • He is the co-author of the book, The World of Negotiations: Never Being a Loser.

Program Benefits

In this 60-minute program you and your team will gain clear guidelines to closely assess your current processes to drive improvements that eliminate frustrations, errors, delays and excessive costs.