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Why Your Employees Avoid Accountability - and How to End This


Webinar Recording

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Wouldn't it be great if all your employees were more responsible, showed more initiative, and really owned their projects, processes and problems? There are proven actions you can take to increase employee accountability. Join us for this high-impact, 60-minute webinar, where you will discover:

  • Simple and straightforward tools for increasing personal accountability
  • How to increase performance by moving from blame to productivity
  • The steps of accountable problem solving: Overcoming obstacles
  • How clear agreements inspire performance and achievement

Program Highlights

  • Proven Ways to Develop Highly Accountable Employees

    • Inspiring employees to turn ideas into action: Build follow-through
    • How to develop employees that consistently deliver expected results
    • Proven tools for creating more accountability
  • Creating a Culture of Effective Execution and Accountability

    • Coaching skills that increase engagement and accountability
    • Keys to developing "can-do" employees
    • Successful ways to coach employees to take more initiative
  • Developing Problem Solvers instead of Problem Makers

    • Motivation methods to inspire your team toward performance
    • How to sustain next level accountability over time
    • Creating an environment where excuses are not acceptable
  • Live Question and Answer Sessions- Have Your Specific Questions Answered

About The Speaker

Consultant, author, speaker and educator, Linda Galindo teaches leaders how to bring accountability into their organizations to significantly improve performance.

  • She inspires leaders to empower themselves, and those that follow them, to speak the truth, focus on what matters and be fully accountable for the results they produce.
  • She specializes in working in healthcare and government - bringing the principles of accountability to organizations where it is truly needed - at the leadership level. She also consults to clients in a variety of verticals including energy, financial, medical devices, transportation, insurance and the arts.
  • She speaks nationally on the topics of accountable leadership and creating the culture change to bring about an accountable organization. She serves as faculty for the Governance Institute (serving boards of directors and C-suite healthcare executives) and the Institute for Management Studies. She speaks to leadership conferences nationally.

Program Benefits

In this practical, 60-minute webinar, you and your colleagues will learn the skills and tools necessary for increasing accountability and disciplined execution.