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Conducting Supplier Audits: Practices to Ensure Your Quality Standards


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Organizations today are keenly aware that their success depends greatly on the quality of the products and services their suppliers provide. How can your organization be confident that suppliers will meet the quality mark consistently? Supplier audits are a powerful tool to ensure suppliers can support your customers' needs, and build effective partnerships with your organization. In this 60-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • How supplier audits can create positive supplier relationships
  • 8 auditing techniques to ensure your standards will be met
  • How to maximize supplier auditing resources to the greatest value and quality
  • Keys for evaluating the effectiveness of your supplier auditing policies

Program Highlights

  • Supplier Audits for Successful Supplier Development

    • Keys to building strong and positive supplier relationships
    • How supplier audits fit into your Quality Management System
    • Using supplier audits to address ISO 9001:2015 requirements
  • Conducting Supplier Audits to Build Successful Relationships

    • 8 common types of supplier audits and when to use them
    • Resource needs for an effective supplier auditing program
    • What to do if suppliers are not meeting expectations?
  • Effective Use of Your Organization's Supplier Audit Results

    • What supplier audit results mean for business performance
    • Determining supplier performance based on audit results
    • Managing potential supplier risks - steps you can take now
  • Live question and answer session - Ask the expert how to get the greatest value from supplier audits in your organization.

About The Speaker

Cathy Fisher is founder and President of Quistem, LLC, helping organizations create supplier partnerships that ensure consistent fulfillment of customer requirements and alignment with business objectives.

  • With over 30 years of respected expertise in developing and implementing effective supplier management systems, Cathy has worked with thousands of organizations representing industry sectors from manufacturing, chemical processing, information management to professional services providers as well as government agencies and contractors.
  • Cathy was responsible for establishing BMW Manufacturing's North American supply chain as well as introducing supplier development strategies during GM's outsourcing era.
  • She encourages organizations to recognize that their business success is vitally dependent on value being created throughout the entire supply chain.

Program Benefits

Learn field-tested and proven techniques for conducting highly effective supplier audits that improve quality and performance outcomes for your business.