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Google AdWords Workshop: Key Features to Improve Your Campaign


Webinar Recording

Recording Price: $199.00

(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Google AdWords is a widely used platform that enables marketers to reach their marketing goals. However, many marketing professionals don't take full advantage of all the features and tools within AdWords. How can you expand your understanding of Google AdWords and use it to its fullest potential? Join us for this 90-minute workshop where you will discover:

  • AdWords essentials for running top campaigns
  • What you need to know about keywords
  • How to improve your campaigns and increase chances of success
  • Additional AdWords tools and features that boost conversions

Program Highlights

  • AdWords Essentials for Marketers: Guidelines for Success

    • Keys for maintaining a high quality score
    • What is the best way to track conversions
    • How to use remarketing to generate leads
    • Measuring your success with Google Analytics
  • Optimize Your AdWords Campaign: Keys to Strengthen Your Efforts

    • More key word tips and how to control negative words
    • Guidelines for automating the bidding process
    • How to prevent overspending in AdWords
  • Additional AdWords Features: Methods to Drive Conversions

    • Guidelines for using video ads to reach users on YouTube
    • How to save your budget with TrueView ads
    • "Search Network with Display Select" campaign essentials
    • What you need to know about setting up mobile only ads
  • Interactive Q&A - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Tina Arnoldi is qualified in Google Analytics, Apps, and AdWords, and is a Google Partner. She provides consulting and training through her company 360 Internet Strategy.

  • Her speaking engagements include Google sponsored events and nonprofit conferences.
  • Tina was recognized in 2007 by the Charleston Business Journal with a "Forty Under 40" award and again in 2011 as an Influential Woman in Business.

Program Benefits

Join us for this 90-minute workshop to discover how to take your AdWords campaign to the next level and boost conversions.