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Smarter Decision Making Solutions: Enhance Your Critical Thinking Skills


Webinar Recording

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Your manager relies on you to resolve issues, provide solutions & be results-oriented. If you don't have a system for solving problems, you may be repeating the same mistakes by using ineffective processes or missing out on opportunities to take the initiative and increase your productivity. To gain the problem solving skills you need to advance and move your career forward, join us to discover:

  • How to achieve better outcomes with improved responsiveness
  • Keys to build credibility & make high-impact decisions with better judgement
  • Strategies to engage in active questioning to receive the answers you need
  • Ways to be creative and innovative when tackling tough situations

Program Highlights

  • Increase Your Workplace Value: Gain Greater Recognition & Credibility

    • Proven techniques to break down barriers that prevent critical thinking
    • How to ask "big picture" questions & become the results oriented go-to
    • Strategies for making the right decisions with limited time and information
  • Essential Steps for Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

    • How to escape the mind trap of "one right answer"
    • Ways to identify different problem solving techniques and when to apply them
    • Methods to become more confident in making sound decisions
  • Improve Decision Making Skills for Better Results: Techniques to Tackle Tough Issues

    • Tips to overcome the stress of making complex decisions
    • Ways to strengthen your ability to influence and persuade others
    • Vastly improve your power to assess and resolve problems
  • Question & Answer Session - Have your specific critical thinking questions answered!

About The Speaker

Tara Powers, M.S. a leadership coach, trainer and talent development expert, partners with clients to enable strategic success and business growth by helping leaders, teams and trainers improve employee engagement to maximize results.

  • Through her coaching and award winning leadership programs, Tara has helped hundreds of leaders and teams accelerate their success by building trust, improving communication, learning to walk the talk and get real about the habits that create outstanding results.
  • Tara offers Train the Trainer programs that teach trainers, coaches and consultants how to create transformational programs for their clients and employees. Tara's style is described as innovative and highly interactive. Her clients continually remark on her enthusiasm, energy, and thoughtfulness in a learning environment.
  • Tara's experience includes working with startups, government, retail, financial organizations, marketing agencies, call centers and customer service environments. She has also been recognized as a national speaker and presenter for HR.Com, SHRM and many other well know organizations.

Program Benefits

By attending this live, interactive, 60-minute online training you will gain vital tools that will enhance your critical-thinking abilities. You'll be fully equipped with effective solutions for the challenges you encounter each day and preventing complications in the future!


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Delivery Method

  • Group Internet Based

NASBA Field Of Study

  • Non-Technical: Personal Development

Program Level

  • No Previous Knowledge Required