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The OSHA Inspector Knocks - Where Does Your Lock Out/Tag Out Stand?


Webinar Recording

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Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO) citations consistently rank in OSHA's top 10 most-frequently-violated list, especially in general industry. Developing a new program, or making adjustments to your existing LOTO program, can make a big difference to your workers' safety, and your bottom line. Join us for this important 60-minute webinar to learn:

  • What a comprehensive LOTO program should include
  • Guidelines for developing LOTO procedures for your workplace
  • Effective training practices to protect your employees
  • What to expect in an OSHA inspection of your LOTO program

Program Highlights

  • Effective Lockout/Tagout: Ensuring Your Employees' Safety

    • The 5 types of machine guards that protect your employees
    • How to keep employees from modifying or removing guards
    • Reviewing procedures for running equipment without guards in place?
  • Lockout/Tagout Procedures for Your Workplace

    • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) tools to identify energy hazards
    • Effective employee training methods for LOTO and guarding
    • How to deal with the 3 most common LOTO trouble areas
    • A real-world 9-step LOTO procedure that works
  • LOTO Compliance: OSHA Compliance Requirements

    • What do OSHA inspectors look for?
    • Avoiding the top 5 LOTO failures in an inspection
    • Handling special LOTO requirements
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Jack Fearing, CPEA, is the Managing Partner for Fearing International Group LLC, a Veteran-owned Small Business (VOSB) occupational and aviation safety consulting firm.

  • Mr. Fearing has more than 30 years of experience in occupational safety & health management and DOD aviation safety. His experience includes EHS Director for a global defense contractor, an audit program director for multi-national manufacturing company and audit team leader for a leading pharmaceutical company.
  • He is a certified Health & Safety auditor and a professional member of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE). He is also a retired US Army Lt Colonel. He served as a helicopter pilot and Aviation Safety Officer.
  • He has extensive hands-on experience in developing OSHA compliance programs, and coordinating with state and Federal regulatory agencies in both union and non-union environments.
  • He is an accomplished speaker and author and has been published in "CoatingsPro", "Today's Facility Manager", "Facility Safety Management," and various American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) professional journals on several safety topics.
  • He is a frequent speaker at the ASSE Annual Professional Development Conference, the National Safety Council (NSC) Conference & Exposition and the National Association of Environmental Management (NAEM) annual EHS Forum as well as numerous other regional and international venues.

Program Benefits

In this 60-minute program you will gain practical, hands-on steps to develop a successful lockout/tagout program that protects your employees from injuries and fatal accidents, and insures compliance with the OSHA standard.