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Exempt vs. Nonexempt Updates: Avoid Overtime Traps, be FLSA Compliant


Webinar Recording

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Failure to comply with the DOL exempt & nonexempt classifications put your company in danger of paying costly fines and litigation expenses. Remaining FLSA-compliant will be even more difficult in 2016 with new proposed revisions that significantly affect which employees are entitled to overtime. Don't allow yourself to be the next one on the DOL's radar. Join us for this 60-minute program, where you and your colleagues will learn:

  • Exempt vs. Nonexempt: Your straightforward guide to get it right
  • "White collar" exemptions: All you need to know about who qualifies
  • Latest FLSA enforcement rules: Keys for total compliance
  • How to correct classification errors: What's legal; What's not

Program Highlights

  • Latest FLSA Rules: Best Ways to Ensure Total Compliance

    • Recent changes to white collar employees: How will overtime pay change
    • Salary level changes: Employee eligibility increases
    • Don't fail the new duties test: Avoid potential liability
  • Hours Worked Issues: Solutions to Stay Out of the DOL's Radar

    • What's on the clock & what's not: Be compliant, avoid repercussions
    • How to calculate comp time, overtime, travel & on-call time & more
    • Smartphones & Email: Overcome tricky off the clock issues
  • Exempt vs. Non-exempt: Eliminate the Confusion, Stop Lawsuits

    • Structuring job descriptions & evaluations that will protect your exemptions
    • Misclassified employees: How to make the right corrections
    • Drivers, mechanics and loaders under the Motor Carrier Act
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Have your FLSA questions answered live!

About The Speaker

Max Muller has more than 39 years of business experience as an attorney, businessman and professional trainer.

  • In 1990, drawing on his diverse background, he began a consulting practice focusing on providing practical solutions in the areas of workplace legalities, e.g., equal employment opportunity, sexual harassment, FMLA, ADA, COBRA, FLSA, ADEA, etc.; safety and health regulatory compliance (OSHA); facilities management; and, warehousing/ inventory control.
  • He authored several books like "The Manager's Guide to HR: Hiring, Firing, Performance Evaluations, Documentation, Benefits, and Everything Else You Need to Know, Second Edition" AMACOM Books and SHRM, New York City, August 2013.
  • He has presented more than 3,000 seminars, webinars and pod-casts all over the world attended or listened to by more than 100,000 people.

Program Benefits

Join us for this 60-minute webinar to discover how to avoid costly overtime & classification traps.