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Don't Get Buried By Whistleblower Complaints: Prevent OSHA Involvement


Webinar Recording

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OSHA seeks to protect whistleblowers as they step up enforcement of the 21 protections and increase inspections. But what of employer rights and protection? Whether claims are legitimate or frivolous, OSHA won't protect you - but you can protect yourself. How can you navigate the protection programs, understand employee and employer rights, and successfully defend yourself against claims? Join us for this expert-led, 60-minute webinar to discover:

  • How OSHA protects employees that file a complaint
  • Employers' rights when a claim has been made against them
  • Legal do's & don'ts every employer needs to know
  • How to manage a claim once one is made against you

Program Highlights

  • Whistleblower Programs: What Employers Need to Know

    • Overview of OSHA's whistleblower programs
    • What is considered "protected" activity?
    • Additional statutes protecting employees
    • Preventative measures to avoid discrimination claims
  • Keys to Understanding OSHA Inspections & Claims Investigations

    • What triggers an OSHA inspection of a complaint?
    • Retaliation claim investigations: What OSHA looks for
    • How employers are required to handle complaints
  • Discrimination Claims: Best Practices & Guidelines for Employers

    • Recommendations for responding to a claim
    • What are your rights as an employer?
    • Potential remedies for discrimination claims
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Get specific answers to your questions!

About The Speaker

Adele L. Abrams, Esq., CSMP is a nationally recognized authority on Occupational Safety and Health law. She represents employers in OSHA and MSHA litigation and provides training and safety consultation.

  • Ms. Abrams is a frequent author on safety, health and legal compliance issues, including writing columns in "Modern Contractor Solutions" and "Pallet Central" magazines, articles in "Professional Safety" and "Compliance," writing for ASSE publications and co-authoring several books including the widely reviewed "Construction Safety Management and Engineering".
  • Ms. Abrams is a regular presenter at prestigious safety conferences like the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), where she specializes in providing real-world solutions to real-world problems.

Program Benefits

OSHA is stepping up investigation of whistleblower claims made by employees. In this 60-minute program learn your employees' protected rights, your rights as an employer, and what to do if a claim is made against you.