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Avoid OSHA Citations: Respiratory Protection Plan Guidelines for Compliance


Webinar Recording

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The fourth most cited OSHA violation is for failure to comply with respiratory protection requirements. OSHA doesn't discriminate when it comes to handing out citations either. Any facility with exposure to airborne contaminants (chemical or bio-aerosols) - whether in manufacturing, health care, or the service industry - is liable for protecting the air their employees breathe. How can you develop a compliant respiratory program that keeps your employees safe? Join us for this 60-minute webinar to discover:

  • Clear explanation of OSHA's respiratory protection requirements
  • When to use respirators & determining which ones are right for you
  • Selecting APFs: What does ANSI Z88.2 now recommend?
  • Keys to developing an OSHA compliant Respiratory Protection Program
  • Essentials on employee training: Ensure they know what they need to know

Program Highlights

  • Respiratory Protection Essentials: What OSHA Will Look For

    • Overview of a respiratory protection program: Main points to know
    • Program evaluation and audits: Think like an OSHA Inspector
    • Respirators at your facility: When & what to use
  • Employer Requirements for Respiratory Protection Programs

    • Keys to an OSHA compliant written program for your facility
    • Program administrator responsibilities: What OSHA mandates
    • How to determine when air sampling is necessary
  • Employee Training Tips & Key Considerations for OSHA Compliance

    • Critical components for training, medical clearance, and fit testing
    • Medical clearance: What OSHA specifies in terms of testing & frequency
    • Employee respirator training - Is a training video sufficient?
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Get Expert Answers to Your Specific Questions!

About The Speaker

Dr. McKay has over 30 years' of national and international experience in respiratory protection as a faculty member at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. McKay is active in all areas of respiratory protection including research, teaching, and clinical practice.

  • Dr. McKay is the current chair and past chair of ANSI Z88.10, the committee responsible for publishing the current guidelines for "Respirator Fit Test Methods".
  • In addition, he is a member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association's Respiratory Protection Committee and a voting member of the full ANSI Z88 respirator committee.
  • To keep current with respirator wearer issues and concerns, he personally conducts respirator fit testing and a variety of worker training programs.
  • Other services include respirator selection and development of cartridge change schedules.
  • He's developed more than a dozen different continuing education courses on respiratory protection, which include fit testing, respirator selection, cartridge change out, program administration, and other topics.

Program Benefits

In this 60-minute program you will discover how to avoid citations and comply with OSHA's respiratory protection requirements. The program will cover the basic components of an OSHA compliant respiratory protection program and employer responsibilities.