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How to Use LinkedIn to Find - and Attract - Top Talent


Webinar Recording

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LinkedIn - with more than 350 million members - has revolutionized job recruiting, and your next superstar is just a click away. How can you successfully plug into this powerful network? Join us for a 60-minute webinar where you and your team will discover:

  • How today's top recruiters are driving results with LinkedIn
  • Advanced search and filtering tips for finding the best candidates
  • Crucial strategies for improving your LinkedIn presence
  • How to build more effective professional networks using LinkedIn

Program Highlights

  • LinkedIn Best Practices for Recruiters: Discover and Attract the Best

    • Navigating the platform: Getting around built-in limitations
    • Advanced search and filtering tips: Using the new engine
    • Reaching out: Keys to making initial contact with candidates
  • Crucial Strategies for Improving Your LinkedIn Profile and Reach

    • How to position yourself as an expert and attract results
    • Get found: Building your business profile to achieve all-star status
    • What attracts today's best candidates to your profile?
  • Networking 2.0: How to Build Professional Networks That Get Results

    • LinkedIn groups: What to look for and how to reach out
    • Best practices to improve your company and career pages
    • Keyword optimization to reach your recruiting goals
  • Live Question and Answer Sessions - Have Your Specific LinkedIn Questions Answered

About The Speaker

Anthony Juliano is an experienced trainer, writer, and marketing and social media strategist who approaches his work with one simple goal: to help others understand our changing communication environment.

  • A graduate of Salem State College, Indiana University, and Indiana Tech, Anthony has nearly 20 years of experience in his field.
  • Anthony has developed and taught college classes in social media, with a specific focus on LinkedIn; has presented about LinkedIn at national and international conferences; and has provided LinkedIn training for a wide variety of individuals and businesses.
  • Anthony writes a monthly column about social media for a regional business journal and has written for a variety of publications and blogs, including Convince and Convert, "the world's #1 content marketing resource." He lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with his wife and his son.

Program Benefits

It's no longer enough to post on job boards and wait for the right fit. This practical, 60-minute webinar will provide you and your colleagues with proven ways to use LinkedIn to find the best candidates for your open positions.