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Nonprofit Gift Acceptance Policies: Protect Your Organization & Donors


Webinar Recording

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A solid gift acceptance policy provides everyone in your nonprofit with clear guidance on how to process any and all donations. The complex laws around gift donations also put donors at risk of losing out on tax deductions for their gifts and could get your organization in legal trouble with the IRS. A comprehensive gift acceptance policy solves both problems. How can you develop or improve your gift acceptance policy to create clear, legally-compliant policies regarding donations? Join us for this 60-minute webinar to discover:

  • Successful gift acceptance policies: What your nonprofit should know
  • The building blocks of gift acceptance policies: What to include
  • How to categorize gifts and accurately determine their value
  • IRS compliance: Aligning your policies with federal rules on gift acceptance

Program Highlights

  • Nonprofit Gift Acceptance Policies: Keys to Ensuring Success

    • From the board down: Ensuring everyone puts the policies to practices
    • Strategies to clearly communicate the policy to donors & others
    • When & how to create gift acceptance policies: Protect your nonprofit
  • Cornerstones of Gift Acceptance Policies: What Needs to Be Included

    • Critical elements to consider when creating your gift acceptance policy
    • Building a gift acceptance policy that aligns with your nonprofit's mission
    • Keys to ensuring your policies are donor-friendly: Keeping it simple
  • Handling Various Types of Gifts: Keys to Financial Health & IRS Compliance

    • Walkthrough of different types of gifts: What to include & exclude
    • Legal compliance: How to incorporate IRS requirements into your policy
    • Keys to determine the value of gifts for accurate analysis & reporting
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

John Bradley is an attorney in the West Columbia, South Carolina office of Moore, Taylor &Thomas, P.A. In his 25 plus years of practice, he has been involved in numerous areas of law. His present practice primarily focuses on representing physicians, hospitals and medical care providers in the defense of professional negligence claims as well as representing and advising educators in employment matters before their local school boards and the State Department of Education.

  • John has long been active in nonprofits at the local and state level. He is a former president and current vice president and volunteer of the Friends of the Richland Library, a nationally recognized library system.
  • He presently serves as a member of the Richland Friends Book Sale Committee, a group that raises money for the Friends through quarterly book sales, put on entirely through volunteer effort. As president of the Richland Library Friends he served as a member of the Richland Library Foundation Board
  • He is immediate past president and current board member of the Friends of South Carolina Libraries, an organization made up of library friends groups throughout the state of South Carolina. His duties and responsibilities as president included working and consulting with local Friends groups as well as with individuals interested in forming friends groups
  • An avid runner, John presently serves on the board for the Carolina Marathon Association, an organization that puts on two showcase running events in Columbia, the Governor's Cup Road Race and the Heart and Sole race. He has served as race director and course manager for several other local road races.

Program Benefits

Join us for this can't-miss, 60-minute webinar to discover the best way to structure nonprofit gift acceptance policies for legal compliance, donor benefits and to support the financial health of your organization.