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Preventing & Detecting Fraud in Payroll: Proven Practices and Procedures


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Payroll fraud is one of the most common forms of employee theft and is often exceedingly difficult to detect. One of the challenges to stopping payroll fraud is keeping abreast of the different types of scams that exist. How can you implement proven policies, procedures and strategies to identify, detect and prevent payroll fraud? Join us for this 75-minute webinar to discover:

  • What to look for when identifying payroll fraud
  • Protocols you can put in place to prevent fraud
  • Using audits to find patterns, red flags & stop scams
  • Common risk factors companies face when it comes to payroll fraud
  • Real-life lessons: Strategies taken from actual payroll fraud cases

Program Highlights

  • Identifying Payroll Fraud: Various Scams & Warning Signs to Know

    • Tell-tale signs of fraud: What to look for in employee behavior & payroll data
    • Modern control weaknesses facing companies & how to eliminate them
    • The usual suspects: Common scams, schemes & plots for payroll fraud
  • Strategies to Detect & Prevent Fraud with Internal Controls & Polices

    • Tips on how to build red flag alerts into your payroll records
    • Expert guidance on how to construct internal controls that prevent fraud
    • Real-life payroll scams & their outcomes: Key lessons to take away
  • Ways to Use Payroll Audits to Defend Against Fraud & Negligence

    • Audit frequency: How often should you conduct audits to be effective?
    • Tips on the latest procedures for automated payroll audits
    • Common obstacles auditors face when it comes to fraud & how to avoid them
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Peter Goldmann, MSc., CFE, CFCI, is president of FraudAware LLC, the publisher of White-Collar Crime Fighter, a widely read monthly newsletter for internal auditors, controllers, corporate counsel, financial operations managers and fraud investigators.

  • Peter is the author of Fraud in the Markets: Why it Happens and How to Fight It, published by John Wiley & Sons, as well as four other anti-fraud books.
  • Mr. Goldmann has also developed FraudAware, the leading employee fraud awareness training program. A user-friendly, customized learning tool, FraudAware uses workshop, Webinar and E-Learning formats to educate employees and managers at all levels in how to detect, prevent and report incidents of fraud or suspicious conduct.
  • Peter is a Principal of FraudResourceNet, the largest online resource of how-to anti-fraud articles, Webinars, audit templates and news.
  • Peter holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan and a Master's from the London School of Economics

Program Benefits

Join us for this highly informative, 75-minute webinar to discover the various types of payroll scams, how to recognize key signs of fraud, and ways to prevent and eliminate payroll fraud.


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  • Accounting - Finance

Program Level

  • Basic Knowledge Required