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Integrating iPads & Tablets in K12 Instruction: Techniques for Success


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iPads, Android Tablets, and other mobile devices provide innovative and engaging learning opportunities for today's student. But knowing how to properly operate these devices is essential to increasing student learning. How can you successfully adopt iPads and tablets to transform the teaching and learning experience in your class? Join us for this 75-minute webinar and discover:

  • The best iPad & tablet strategies for classroom use: Procedures that work
  • Getting started with mobile devices: Set your classroom up for success
  • Top apps to excite & engage students across the curriculum
  • Ways to successfully integrate mobile devices in your class

Program Highlights

  • Integrating iPads and Tablets in the Classroom: Tips to Getting Started

    • Ways to become a digital master, regardless of your level of experience
    • Effective use of mobile devices: iPads, Tablets or all of the above!
    • Obtain devices and apps without breaking your budget
  • Top iPad & Tablet Apps for an Engaging & Interactive Classroom

    • Best iPad apps that engage students in and out of the classroom
    • Tips to design creative lesson plans to extend learning and enhance rigor
    • Customize content: Strategies for Reaching Every Student
  • Lesson Plans & Project Ideas: Enhance Teaching & Learning with Tablets

    • Tips to design creative lesson plans tailored to individual learners
    • Using tablets in group settings: Keys to encourage cooperative learning
    • iPads vs. tablets: Finding the right device for you & your students
  • Live Question and Answer Session: Have Your Specific Questions Answered!

About The Speaker

Michelle Anthony, MA, PhD, is a developmental psychologist and Gifted and Talented teacher in Denver Public Schools. She graduated with honors from Brown University and has her doctorate from University of California at Berkeley, which focused on the development of language, literacy, and cognition.

  • For over 5 years, Dr. Anthony has worked with students and faculty PreK-12th grade regarding the use of educational technology in the classroom. Her work supports site-based and district-wide use of technology in the classroom to extend learning and enhance rigor. She runs workshops, webinars, and seminars for students, faculty, and families.

Program Benefits

This interactive, 75-minute training will provide you with best practices and proven techniques to successfully implement and utilize iPads and Tablets in your classroom.