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Automation in Accounts Payable: Increase Productivity & Save Money


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Automation can make accounts payable departments run more efficiently, increase productivity and ultimately save money. However, many AP professionals still rely heavily on manual processes. How can you step out of the dark ages and transition to a more automated system that reduces headaches and saves your department money? Please join us for this 60-minute vendor-neutral webinar to discover:

  • Essentials for implementing automation in accounts payable
  • How to use automation to improve AP efficiency
  • Keys for reducing cost and saving your department money
  • Guidelines for avoiding automation mistakes in AP

Program Highlights

  • Implement Automation in AP: Strategies for Getting Started

    • Automation essentials: What are your options?
    • How to identify your department's automation needs
    • Guidelines for choosing vendors that fit your requirements
    • How to gain your IT department's involvement and support
  • Improving Productivity: Essentials for Boosting Efficiency in AP

    • Keys to ensure a seamless transition to automation
    • How to track progress and measure automation success
    • Strategies for reducing bottlenecks that waste time
  • Save Money Through Automation: Guidelines for Accounts Payable

    • Cost saving automation tips for your AP department
    • How to reduce the amount spent per invoice
    • Avoiding common mistakes that cost departments money
  • Live Question & Answer Session -Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Henry Ijams is the founder and lead analyst of PayStream Advisors, a research and consulting firm focused on back office operations. His 28 years of experience includes 11 years as PayStream's founder and chief architect, plus managerial positions with Ernst & Young's Financial Services Consulting practice.

  • Mr. Ijams' research publications focus on trends and strategies regarding the automation and benchmarking of purchasing and payables processes. Through PayStream Advisors, Mr. Ijams consults with domestic and international organizations that want to take advantage of leading practices and automation solutions.
  • Henry has an MBA from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, and a BS in Finance from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Program Benefits

Join us for this 60-minute webinar, to discover how automation can reduce headaches by increasing productivity and ultimately save your accounts payable department money.