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Termination and Resignation Success: Proven Offboarding Strategies


Webinar Recording

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Whether an employee leaves on their own or is terminated, offboarding can be bittersweet at best and at worst deeply unpleasant. Without the proper procedures, upset ex-employees could trash the company online or leave important work unfinished. Join us for a live, 60-minute webinar to discover:

  • How to create a bulletproof offboarding plan for any situation
  • Termination vs. resignation: Key considerations for offboarding
  • The two week's notice: Planning for a seamless transition
  • Exit interview strategies to create a painless last day

Program Highlights

  • The Seamless Offboarding Plan: Let Nothing Slip Through the Cracks

    • Legal and practical considerations for resignation vs. termination
    • Exit documentation: Partnering with HR to protect your company
    • How to streamline and perfect the process for future departures
  • When Employees Give Notice: Navigating The Final Two Weeks

    • Communicating the departure to the team: Who hears first?
    • Transition strategies: Shifting knowledge and workload
    • Leaving on good terms: How to maintain the relationship
  • The Last Day: Ending the Relationship on a Positive Note

    • Creating an exit interview: Core questions you must ask all employees
    • Protect your assets: A checklist for documentation and inventory
    • Maintain your brand: Why employees trash companies on Glassdoor & more
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Shawn Casemore is the president of Casemore and Company - where he works with leaders who want to increase their influence in the workplace:

  • For nearly 20 years, Shawn Casemore has been helping organizations improve their operational performance.
  • Some of his delighted clients include Magna International, Arvin Meritor, Bellwyck Packaging Solutions, and Bruce Power
  • Shawn is a highly sought after national speaker and writer. His articles have been published in both print and online in several industry publications including "Globe and Mail", "CFO Magazine" and the "Association of Manufacturing"

Program Benefits

Join us for this 60-minute webinar to discover how to avoid negative repercussions when offboarding employees whether the decision is mutual or not.