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2017 OSHA Recordkeeping Updates Ensure Compliance with the Latest Regs


Webinar Recording

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OSHA recordkeeping in 2017 is more complicated now due to changes in requirements, including the new Injury Recordkeeping Standard. The new rules put more organizations at risk of violations as OSHA is increasing enforcement. It is critical that employers understand these new requirements. How can you clarify the new regulations and ensure you're compliant? Join us for this can't-miss, 60-minute webinar to discover:

  • Clear-explanation of OSHA's revised injury recordkeeping standard
  • Understating the rules for classifying injuries - avoid the common errors
  • Tips for filling out OSHA logs to ensure you're in compliance
  • New electronic filing rules: Who do they pertain to & when must you file?

Program Highlights

  • OSHA's Injury Recordkeeping Standard Changes You Need to Know

    • Types of injury events that must now be reported - and when
    • Understanding new electronic reporting of injury requirements
    • Who is required to submit injury and illness data electronically?
    • Latest recording keeping interpretations by OSHA
  • Recordkeeping Revisions & Requirements for Employers

    • What information OSHA requires you to collect on injuries
    • Keys to updating your current recordkeeping procedures
    • Reporting v. Recording an injury: understanding the difference
    • How to determine if an injury is work-related
  • Best Practices for OSHA Recordkeeping Compliance

    • Keys to determine when an injury needs to be documented
    • Guidelines for maintaining your injury reporting system
    • How long do you have to maintain mandatory records?
    • Special situations: Working at home, travel, parking lots & more
  • Live Q&A - Have your OSHA recordkeeping questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Michael Lawrence is principal of Summit Safety Technologies based in Long Beach, California. Lawrence is an accomplished safety manager, technical trainer, and instructional designer, and has been training adult workers and safety professionals for many years.

  • He is a frequent speaker and is recognized for his expert knowledge of safety regulations, safety management systems, business continuation planning, and emergency preparedness.
  • Lawrence's experience includes over 16 years in safety and technical training in the semiconductor manufacturing industry and 14 years Naval Aviation experience in aircraft maintenance, electronics technology, safety, and quality assurance.
  • His military contributions resulted in several awards, including the Navy Achievement Medal, and numerous awards from the Navy League of the United States for his volunteer work as a Commanding Officer with the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps. Lawrence's volunteer work also includes 10 years as a CPR &First Aid Instructor Trainer for the American Red Cross.
  • Lawrence is certified in Safety &Health Systems for Small Business, Instructional Design, and as a Performance Based Equipment Trainer (PBET).

Program Benefits

Discover how to ensure accurate OSHA recordkeeping, including complying with the Injury Recordkeeping Standard, to reduce liability in 2017.