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Creating Excel Dashboards: Effective Solutions for CFOs and Finance


Webinar Recording

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Excel Dashboards allow you to quickly combine large and complex financial data, from a variety of sources, into a dynamic and easy-to-read format. This great Excel tool is ideal for financial managers and CFOs, but building them is a complicated process. How can you gain the skills to turn complicated financial data into clear and concise reports for CEOs, managers, leaders, consultants and board members? Join us for this live and interactive, 90-minute webinar to discover:

  • Linking spreadsheets to MS Access, SQL databases & text files
  • Incorporating Pivot Tables into Excel dashboards: Tools to use
  • How to build charts that automatically expand to include new data
  • Use dashboards to present hard metrics to non-financial audiences
  • Tips, tools & techniques to monitor & report key financial data

Program Highlights

  • Excel Dashboards: How to Arrange your Data into Readable Charts & Tables

    • Conditional formatting and advanced functions for data manipulation
    • Bringing data into Excel from external sources: Must-know techniques
    • Creating dynamic visual presentation: Custom views, Sparklines & more
    • Tools to create a single worksheet that performs multiple tasks
  • Pivot Tables & Dashboards: Techniques to Present Data At-a-Glance

    • Dashboard design core concepts: Elevate your data
    • Drill down for the raw information: How to access additional detail
    • Dashboard presentations for a non-financial audience
    • Set-and-forget links: How to export text files from other programs
  • Tools to Enhance the Dashboard Functionality: New Features & Techniques

    • Real-time updates and data validation: Maintain accuracy
    • "Slicers" feature: More efficient ways to filter your PivotTable data
    • Self-expanding data ranges: References for graphs, tables, & formulas
    • Best ways to visually present your information in dashboard form
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Melissa Esquibel is a technology consultant, coach, trainer and speaker.

  • She is a consultant, frequent speaker and Microsoft Certified Trainer.
  • Since 1991, Ms. Esquibel has assisted a variety of companies and industries with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook) all versions through 2016. Her strong foundation in finance and accounting was built over years in the banking and accounting industries.
  • Melissa has 25+ years of experience in information technology with a background in training, finance, technical writing and business risk analysis.

Program Benefits

Join us for this 90-minute webinar to discover how to create and manipulate Excel dashboards for financial presentations and monitoring key performance indicators that anyone can understand.