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Employee Expense Reimbursement: Avoid Pitfalls & Ensure IRS Compliance


Webinar Recording

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Incorrect handling of employee expense reimbursements leads to expenses being considered taxable compensation - leaving you on the hook for a lot of money! Don't take chances with your expense reimbursement plan for employees and independent contractors (IC). How can you ensure your reimbursement plan meets IRS guidelines? Join us for this can't-miss, 75-minute webinar to discover:

  • What makes an "Accountable Plan" - Critical guidance to help you today
  • Options for calculating & reporting taxable expenses to the IRS
  • Legal issues around employee expense reimbursement: IRS Compliance
  • Taxing reimbursements: What's treated as expenses vs. compensation?
  • High on the audit list: Detailed rules for specific reimbursement types
  • Employee fraud - red flags and what to watch out for

Program Highlights

  • Employee & IC Expense Reimbursement: Ensuring Legal Compliance

    • IRS reimbursement requirements: Taxing employee expenses
    • Expense reimbursement plans: Accountable vs. non-accountable
    • Rules on specific types of reimbursement: Avoid the audit list
  • Payroll Requirements for Reimbursements: Expense vs. Compensation

    • Tips & tools to calculate taxable expenses - before the IRS does!
    • Payroll taxation considerations: When reimbursements count as income
    • Personal use of company property: Vehicles, cell phones and more
  • Best Practices for Processing and Documenting Expenses: Preventing Fraud

    • Substantiation and documentation: Excluding reimbursement from wages
    • Identifying employee fraud: Clear warning signs to be aware of
    • Methods for timely processing and collection of excess advance funds
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Mark Schwartz has over 15 years experience in state and federal payroll tax audits, collections, and payroll consulting.

  • As an auditor, Mark prided himself on his ability to educate his auditees on state and federal payroll tax requirements. Whatever issues he found in audits, he ensured the auditee knew how to comply in the future. He worked to minimize company disruptions in the audit process.
  • In addition to his real-life experiences, Mark has a Masters in Business Administration, and currently uses his entertaining and helpful personality to help organizations prepare for payroll tax audits - whether they've already got the notice or are still hoping they don't!

Program Benefits

Join us for this 75-minute webinar to discover the legal and financial risks of improper reimbursement procedures and gain practical tips and tools to ensure your policies are in order.