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Payroll Self-Audits: Techniques to Stop Issues & Stay IRS Compliant


Webinar Recording

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The IRS and state-level agencies are increasing payroll tax audits, but most companies are unprepared for this level of scrutiny. Conducting internal payroll audits allow you to identify and eliminate issues before the IRS fines them - saving you from fines and penalties. How can you successfully audit your payroll to be proactive against IRS audits? Join us for this high-impact, 75-minute webinar to discover:

  • Key areas the IRS looks at when conducting a payroll audit
  • How to conduct an internal audit to find issues before the IRS does
  • Proactive solutions to address issues and eliminate potential mistakes
  • Tips on creating your internal audit review action plan
  • Strategies to address your biggest risks for payroll fines & penalties

Program Highlights

  • What the IRS Looks for When Auditing Payroll: How to Protect Yourself

    • Directives the IRS issues for auditors during payroll audits
    • Thinking like the IRS: How they identify issues with your company
    • Responsible parties & how to conduct yourself if you get audited
  • Strategies & Tools to Conduct a Self-Audit: How to Ensure Accuracy

    • Using an independent internal review to detect internal control issues
    • Identifying areas of concern prior to an internal or external audit
    • Strategies to plan for what you want to review - and how to do it
  • Being Proactive: Actions You Can Take Now to Avoid Costly IRS Penalties

    • Fixing common audit pitfalls in advance: Get ahead of the IRS
    • Don't reinvent the wheel: Where to go for audit assistance
    • Keys to eliminating mistakes that lead to IRS fines and penalties
  • Live Q&A - Get expert answers to your Internal Payroll Audit questions!

About The Speaker

Mark Schwartz has over 15 years experience in state and federal payroll tax audits, collections, and payroll consulting.

  • As an auditor, Mark prided himself on his ability to educate his auditees on state and federal payroll tax requirements. Whatever issues he found in audits, he ensured the auditee knew how to comply in the future. He worked to minimize company disruptions in the audit process.
  • In addition to his real-life experiences, Mark has a Masters in Business Administration, and currently uses his entertaining and helpful personality to help organizations prepare for payroll tax audits - whether they've already got the notice or are still hoping they don't!

Program Benefits

Join us for this can't-miss, 75-minute webinar to discover strategies for conducting internal audits so you can be proactive about increased payroll audits at the federal and state levels.