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Workplace Harassment: Stop Bullies from Tearing Your Office Apart


Webinar Recording

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By whatever term it's called, hostile behaviors are on the rise and can have a severely negative impact on your workforce, and your revenues. The failure to pay attention to this Duty of Care can result in personal harm and legal liability for both your organization and for the individual. How can you address and prevent bullying in your organization?

Join us for this 90-minute training and discover:

  • The forms of workplace bullying and the applicable laws
  • Tactics to spot bullying before it ruins office morale and productivity
  • Ensure your employees have a safe, productive work environment
  • Protect your company with effective HR policies

Program Highlights

  • Eliminate Risk: Stop Workplace Bullying Before It Starts

    • Define and identify bullying/abusive behavior in its differing manifestations
    • How to resolve situations before they harm people and generate legal action
    • Techniques you can use to focus on prevention
  • Solving a Current Bullying Problem

    • Tactics for preventing retaliation and protecting the victims
    • The Duty of Care principles - address abusive behavior and prevent liability
    • Develop programs to work with "minor" offenders - or know when to cut the cord
  • Setting Bullet-proof HR Policies that Protect your Company

    • Changing and evolving laws - ensure your policies are up-to-date
    • Applicable laws and how they can be used to confront and correct bad behavior
    • Understand each person's rights and obligations under the law
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your issues addressed by the expert!

About The Speaker

Bob Gregg co-chairs the employment labor and employment law practice at the law firm of Boardman & Clark LLP of Madison, Wisconsin. He has been professionally involved in employment and civil rights work for over 30 years.

  • He has designed the work and service environment policies and procedures of numerous employers, schools and universities. He litigates employment and civil rights cases. As a founding faculty member of the Department of Defense Race Relations Institute, he developed anti-discrimination programs for military bases worldwide. As Chief Equal Rights Officer for the Wisconsin Personnel Commission, he was responsible for implementing some of the first anti-harassment and anti-bullying policies and practices in the United States.
  • Mr. Gregg is nationally recognized for his work on respectful workplace in education, employment and service provision, and has helped numerous public and private employers. A recognized educator and trainer, Bob has conducted over 3,000 seminars throughout the United States, and has authored numerous articles on practical employment issues, civil rights and management practices.
  • Bob Gregg holds a BS degree in business; Master of Social Work; Juris Doctorate. He is a national faculty member of the American Association for Equity & Diversity, National Speakers Association and serves on the Board of Directors of the Department of Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute Foundation.

Program Benefits

This 90-minute online bullying prevention training course will provide actionable instruction on how to stop workplace intimidation and how to ensure a safe, friendly - and most importantly - productive work environment.