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Dealing with Difficult Nonprofit Volunteers: Turn a Liability Into an Asset


Webinar Recording

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What do you do when you have a volunteer that just doesn't seem to "get it'? How do you criticize a volunteer when you know you need their time to help fulfill your organization's mission?

Every nonprofit struggles with the complications of handling difficult volunteers. You want and appreciate their participation, but you also need to manage their behavior to forge successful teams.

In this upcoming webinar, you will gain effective and proven strategies to prevent problems - and coach difficult volunteers to stop their negative behavior and create a positive experience.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Recognize & prevent problem behavior before it starts
  • Intervene when a difficult volunteer repeats toxic behavior
  • Stop a little problem from becoming a big one
  • De-escalate high emotions & prevent a potential crisis
  • Communicate with volunteers more effectively

Also included in this event

  • Common myths about dealing with difficult volunteers

Program Highlights

  • How to Stop Problems Before They Start: Prevention Over Cure

    • Using strategic thinking and planning to prevent challenges before they occur
    • Being prepared: Systems that can avoid common sources of difficulty
    • Keys to keeping your volunteers motivated & attentive
    • Dealing with difficult volunteers: Common myths you need to know
  • Head Them Off at the Pass: Intervention Strategies to Redirect Problems

    • Get to the root cause: Determining why a volunteer is being difficult
    • How to manage big egos & set expectations of volunteer behavior
    • Strong communication tactics to alter behavior & get agreement
    • Make ongoing improvements: Follow-ups & monitoring behavior
  • Defuse the Explosion: What to Do When All Else Fails

    • When tempers flare & voices get raised: Calming conflict before it grows
    • Don't let it derail your mission: Stopping a problem from becoming a crisis
    • Conflict resolution: Steps to bridge towards a constructive relationship
    • When enough is enough: The difficult task of firing a volunteer
  • Live Q&A - Have you Difficult Volunteer questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Adrienne Rubin has over twenty-five years of experience in leadership development, strategic planning, management, marketing and analytics.

  • Adrienne's extensive background in nonprofit management and on volunteer boards gives her unique insight into the needs of nonprofits. As a former Executive Director of two small nonprofits and Treasurer and Director of Finance for a national nonprofit, she understands the technical and financial challenges of managing program and fundraising activities.
  • In her professional roles, she has consulted with hundreds of nonprofits, providing professional development, consulting and leadership support to nonprofit staff and board members.
  • Adrienne has led workshops, classes and webinars on volunteer and events management, public relations and marketing, business and operations management for nonprofits, and board training and development.

Program Benefits

During this 60-minute webinar, you will gain the necessary skills and strategies to turn difficult volunteers into valuable contributors to your nonprofit's mission.