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Your Guide to SPCC Compliance: Requirements for Your Facility


Webinar Recording

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If you use aboveground tanks or other containers, such as drums to store oil, then your facility must strictly adhere to EPA's Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) program requirements to avoid the risk of costly fines. Discover how rule changes impact your operations, and key steps to ensure compliance. In this 60-minute webinar you and your team will discover:

  • A breakdown of what EPA expects from your facility now
  • Strategies to ensure you're in compliance with SPCC rules
  • Steps to help you develop a SPCC plan for your facility
  • Examples of SPCC plans that target the most critical issues

Program Highlights

  • SPCC Requirements and Compliance Guidelines

    • Easy-to-understand explanation of EPA's rules
    • Definition of specifically which substances are regulated
    • Who EPA has on its radar screen for inspections
    • Facility location & WOTUS rule change
  • Keys for Developing Your Facility's SPCC Plan

    • Techniques to create an effective plan that is easy to follow
    • Impact of EPA Substantial Harm Criterion on your facility
    • What must be included in your training programs?
    • Reporting and monitoring requirements to ensure compliance
  • Containment, Testing & Inspections - What You Need to Know!

    • Secondary containment measures required for tanks and drums
    • Regulations that apply to your loading/unloading areas
    • Testing and inspection requirements for storage containers
    • Procedures for storing and transferring hazardous substances
  • Live Q&A - Hear real-world SPCC issues addressed!

About The Speaker

Joyce Rizzo is a nationally recognized expert in the field of environmental compliance, particularly in the areas of SPCC plan development and storage tank management. Ms. Rizzo's experience includes:

  • Over 45 years' experience in all aspects of environmental engineering management, twelve years of which was spent in the petroleum industry.
  • Author of two technical books: "Underground Storage Tanks: A Practical Guide and Aboveground Storage Tank Management" and "SPCC Guide" which serve as the basis of training programs conducted throughout the U.S.
  • Daily management of compliance issues for Fortune 500 companies including storage tank and SPCC issues, and remediation Regularly conducts in-house educational and training sessions to on environmental issues including storage tank management, SPCC compliance and Stage I & II vapor recovery.
  • President of JD2 Environmental, Inc. in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Program Benefits

Keeping up with SPCC requirements is a critical part of your environmental management program, and crucial for keeping your facility and surrounding area safe. This webinar gives you the information you needed to keep your facility compliant.