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OSHA Compliance: Lock Out/Tag Out Requirements to Protect Workers


Webinar Recording

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Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO) citations consistently rank in OSHA's top 10 most-frequently-violated list, especially in general industry. Developing a new program, or adjusting your existing LOTO program improves your workers' safety and helps your bottom line by limiting citations and safety risks. Join us for this high-impact, 60-minute training event discover:

  • Key elements to include for a comprehensive LOTO program
  • Guidelines for developing LOTO procedures for your workplace
  • Improving employee protection with effective training practices
  • What to expect if OSHA comes to inspect your LOTO program

Program Highlights

  • Effective Lockout/Tagout Programs: Improving Employee Safety

    • The 5 types of machine guards that protect your employees
    • How to keep employees from modifying or removing guards
    • Reviewing procedures for running equipment without guards in place
  • Lockout/Tagout Procedures for Your Workplace: Guidelines to Follow

    • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) tools to identify energy hazards
    • Effective employee training methods for LOTO and guarding
    • How to deal with the 3 most common LOTO trouble areas
    • A real-world, 9-step LOTO procedure that works
  • OSHA's LOTO Standard: Requirements to Follow for Compliance

    • What do OSHA inspectors look for? - Keys to avoiding citations
    • Avoiding the top 5 LOTO failures in an inspection
    • Handling special LOTO requirements: What you need to know
  • Live Q&A Session - Have your specific LOTO questions answered!

About The Speaker

Michael Lawrence is principal of Summit Safety Technologies based in Long Beach, California. Lawrence is an accomplished safety manager, technical trainer, and instructional designer, and has been training adult workers and safety professionals for many years.

  • He is a frequent speaker and is recognized for his expert knowledge of safety regulations, safety management systems, business continuation planning, and emergency preparedness.
  • Lawrence's experience includes over 16 years in safety and technical training in the semiconductor manufacturing industry and 14 years Naval Aviation experience in aircraft maintenance, electronics technology, safety, and quality assurance.
  • His military contributions resulted in several awards, including the Navy Achievement Medal, and numerous awards from the Navy League of the United States for his volunteer work as a Commanding Officer with the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps. Lawrence's volunteer work also includes 10 years as a CPR & First Aid Instructor Trainer for the American Red Cross.
  • Lawrence is certified in Safety &Health Systems for Small Business, Instructional Design, and as a Performance Based Equipment Trainer (PBET).

Program Benefits

During this vital program, you will gain practical guidance on developing a successful lockout/tagout program that protects your employees from injuries and fatal accidents, and ensures compliance with the OSHA standard.