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Drafting Social Media Policies: Fair Use, Monitoring and Legal Guidelines


Live Webinar Recording

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Your employees are on social media - posting, sharing, commenting and being seen by the world. This is a concern as an employer. Whether badmouthing your company, sharing insider secrets or simply behaving inappropriately online as a representative of your company, you need to create policies that protect employee free speech as well as your company's data and reputation, equally. How can you draft effective and fair social media policies? Join us for this crucial, 60-minute online program to discover:

  • How to walk the tightrope - employee privacy vs. protecting the company
  • Proven strategies and tips on drafting social media policies for employees
  • Guidance on monitoring social media posts and app us on the job
  • What you can and can't do to enforce policies and discipline employees
  • How to ensure your company's data and online reputation are safe

Program Highlights

  • Protecting Your Company and Employee Privacy: Finding a Balance

    • What you can and can't do to protect customers and workplace data
    • Monitoring employee app use: What's fair game to follow and inspect
    • Are employers liable for employee posts outside the office?
  • Strategies for Drafting Effective and Fair Social Media Policies

    • How to address app use among employees: Facebook, Snapchat and more
    • Defining inappropriate online behavior of employees at work and at home
    • Key provisions you need to include in the Employee Handbook
  • Enforcing Policies and Disciplining Violations: Legal Do's and Don'ts for HR

    • When, where and how employers can legally monitor social media use
    • Firing without fear: Proper action when firing for off-duty behavior
    • Avoid legal action: Best practices to dodge post-termination lawsuits
  • Live Q&A Session - Have your Social Media Policy questions answered!

About The Speaker

Marcia Nelson Jackson is a partner in the Labor and Employment Group of Wick Phillips. She has practiced labor and employment law for over 20 years and is a frequent speaker on issues related to social networking as it relates to the employer-employee relationship.

  • Ms. Jackson's practice includes all aspects of employment and labor law, strategic client counseling, preventative training, and internal investigations.
  • In addition to representing employers in single and multi-plaintiff employment lawsuits, she regularly represents clients in wage and hour collective actions filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as disputes involving non-competition covenants and employee benefits litigation.
  • Ms. Jackson has appeared in state and federal courts throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, and California, as well as administrative agencies in various states. Her clients range in size from local to global companies. Ms. Jackson is admitted to practice in California and Texas as well as all federal courts in both states.

Program Benefits

During this high-impact training session, you will gain proven strategies to draft social media policies that address the latest apps and technology while protecting your company and ensuring employee privacy.