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Inspiring Others to Follow You: Defining Your Leadership Style


Webinar Recording

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Effective leaders develop a unique management style, demonstrating specific behaviors and characteristics, that contribute to their success. Studying the styles of influential leaders can help guide you in the right direction, but how can you develop your own leadership style to advance your career and inspire those you're leading? During this can't-miss, 60-minute online program, you will discover:

  • Greater understanding of your core leadership style
  • Ways to sharpen your management style to lead more effectively
  • How to stop standing in your own way
  • Proven tactics to expand your role and influence

Program Highlights

  • Leadership Styles of Successful Professionals: Defining Your Own

    • What having a leadership style will bring you and the organization
    • Proven and effective management styles in today's workplace
    • Keys to finding your own personal leadership style
  • Expanding upon your own leadership style: Putting what you know to work

    • How to recognize and change self-limiting behavior to inspire others
    • What you can do to become a more effective leader
    • Practices for expanding your role and influence in the workplace and beyond
  • Have your specific questions about Leadership Style answered

About The Speaker

Colleen Slaughter, founder of Authentic Leadership International, blends an energetic delivery style with her vast international business experience to propel audiences to cultivate greater authenticity, productivity and fulfillment at home and in the workplace.

  • As a speaker, Colleen is powerfully committed to showing others how to achieve greatness. Her dynamic background enables her to speak authoritatively on a variety of key topics, including leadership, change management, and organization development
  • Colleen uses an innovative approach during her presentations to engender lively, engaging discussions among audience members. Colleen's international focus allows her to serve the widely expanding market of emerging women leaders.

Program Benefits

Discover how to develop your own leadership style as a means to increase your effectiveness, grow you career and inspire others.