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Temp Employee Safety: Protect Workers & Minimize Legal Risks


Webinar Recording

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Employment needs change and temporary works can be a big help filling in gaps and keeping business going. If a temp worker gets hurt, who is ultimately responsible - the staffing agency or you? OSHA recognizes the need to protect temporary employees and established the Temporary Worker Initiative. Join us to learn what OSHA says your obligations and responsibilities are for protecting your temp workforce. In our expert-lead program you will discover:

  • Employer obligations to ensure the safety of temp workers
  • Tips for selecting and working with staffing agencies to reduce legal risks
  • How OSHA's Temporary Worker Initiative applies to your organization
  • Legal responsibilities of the staffing agency v. host employer
  • Keys to effectively safety training of your temporary workforce

Program Highlights

  • Employer Obligations & OSHA Requirements for Temp Worker Safety

    • Different categories of temp employees - and why it matters
    • How OSHA's Temporary Worker Initiative impacts your organization
    • Clarifying employer responsibility for contingent worker safety
  • Working with Staffing Agencies: Practices to Limit Legal Risks

    • Keys to selecting reliable staffing agencies - what you should look for
    • Key elements to include in agreements with staffing organizations
    • Documentation you should require before letting temp workers start working
    • Identifying the safety expectations to include in your agreements
  • Managing Temp Worker Safety: Training and Reporting Guidelines

    • Who's responsible for recording injuries on the OSHA 300 log
    • Getting temporary workers aligned with your workplace safety culture
    • Training your temp workers - how much should you do?
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Adele L. Abrams, Esq., CMSP is a nationally recognized authority on Occupational Safety and Health law. She represents employers in OSHA and MSHA litigation and provides training and safety consultation.

  • Ms. Abrams is a frequent author on safety, health and legal compliance issues, including writing columns in "Modern Contractor Solutions" and "Pallet Central" magazines, articles in "Professional Safety" and "New Construction Products," writing for ASSE publications and co-authoring several books including the widely reviewed "Construction Safety Management and Engineering" and the "Safety Professional's Handbook."
  • Ms. Abrams is a regular presenter at prestigious safety conferences like the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and the National Safety Congress, where she specializes in providing real-world solutions to real-world problems.

Program Benefits

Join our live, 60-minute program to learn exactly what your requirements and legal obligations are when it comes to the safety of your temporary staff.