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Leadership Development for Administrative Assistants - Grow Your Career


Webinar Recording

Recording Price: $199.00

(Includes Proprietary Materials)

As an administrative professional, you use leadership skills and make leadership decisions every day. The learning curve on becoming a successful leader, however, may not progress as fast as you want. To grow your career and increase your contribution, you need to hone your leadership and influencer skills. How can you take control of your career with improved leadership skills? After attending this live and instructor-led event, you will be able to:

  • Use the power of strategic thinking & planning to design your future
  • Understand yourself and others to work together more productively
  • Focus on results, not activity: Organize work effectively & efficiently
  • Communicate for a positive effect & reduce unproductive conflict
  • Solve problems and make decisions with precision
  • Use successful influence strategies to meet your goals
  • Grow your career converting Lessons Learned into new skillsets

Program Highlights

  • Developing Your Leadership Skills: Strategic Thinking & Efficiency

    • Understanding work-style preferences to work more productively
    • Keys to organizing your work effectively & efficiency
    • Planning strategically for work assignments and personal development
    • Fundamentals of critical thinking applied to all your work and goals
  • Communicating Like a Leader: How to Get Points Across & Influence Others

    • How to communicate with anyone successfully: Proven tips for you
    • Meeting your goals with influence strategies: Honing your skills
    • Using your personal power to influence those with professional power
    • Matching the right communication & influence strategy for the situation
  • Improve Workflow, Make Better Decisions & Design Your Career Growth

    • Using the clarity model to solve tough problems & make key decisions
    • Identify the concrete outcomes you want & analyze barriers to success
    • Strategies & tactics to achieve your long & short-term career goals
    • Incorporating lessons and new skills development into your plans
  • Q&A Session - Have your leadership development questions answered!

About The Speaker

Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D., President, Advantage Leadership, Inc.

  • Rebecca has developed and delivered leadership and project management programs specifically designed for Administrative Professionals and Executive Assistants for several international training companies, been a session speaker at related professional conferences, and delivers webinars designed to meet critical challenges for today's Executive Assistants.
  • After being a leader in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, she started her own company in 1995 and works with leaders around the world who want to grow their organizations and teams through empowered people, delighted customers, and robust processes.

Program Benefits

In attending this event, you will gain proven leadership skills to work more efficiently, communicate more effectively, make key decisions with precision and advance your career.


  • None

Delivery Method

  • Group Internet Based

NASBA Field Of Study

  • Personal Development

Program Level

  • Basic Knowledge Required