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Budgeting Strategies for Managers: Keys to Financial Success




May 17, 2018 at 1:00 PM (ET)

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Being a successful manager or supervisor isn't just about effectively managing people, it's also about managing your budget. Understanding how to create a budget, then over-seeing it year-round can be daunting, but is imperative to the success of your department and the bottom-line.

You may be familiar with budgeting, but how well do you understand what drives the numbers, how to spot trends and identify problems? Managing a budget is a primary role of managers. Our dynamic, comprehensive program will give you core principles and techniques to formulate, develop and implement a realistic budget that meets your department goals.

Join our 75-mintue webinar to discover:

  • Clear guidelines for planning your budget
  • How to prepare accurate budgets and forecasts
  • Keys to keeping your budget on track
  • What the numbers are telling you - spots trends and problems
  • How to present ideas in financial terms for greater impact

Program Highlights

  • Developing Your Budget: Guidelines for Managers & Supervisors

    • bUnderstanding capital, financial, and operational budgets
    • Determine what data is needed for each type of budget
    • Strategies for planning your budget and setting goals
    • What a well-planned budget means for the bottom-line
  • The Magic of Numbers: Putting Your Financial Data to Work

    • Analyzing financial data for performance and decision making
    • Creating forecasts to predict future trends
    • Improve expense tracking and forecasting for better accuracy
    • Using your budget as a planning to improve performance
  • Maintaining Your Budget & Presenting the Results

    • Checklists to keep you organized and on target
    • Effective tools for sharing & communicating budget data
    • Undertaking regular financial review to monitor your budget
    • Keys to recognizing and managing financial risk
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

David Sanders has over 36 years in the accounting & finance field having served as an accountant, corporate controller, and CFO.

  • He has authored 4 books, 6 audio tapes, and has done countless seminars relating to business, accounting, finance, business operation and efficiencies.
  • David is considered a world leading consultant on finance, business operations, turn-arounds, and government fund accounting having traveled the world serving companies large and small.
  • He also consults on contract fraud, internal controls, and accounting & finance for non-financial Managers. David has degrees in finance, taxation, and accounting.

Program Benefits

In this information-packed program, managers and supervisors will learn how to develop, implement and maintain an effective budget. Also learn how to spot trends, manage expenses, and analyze results for decision-making.