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The Human Element in Quality Failures: How to Reduce Errors


Webinar Recording

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Technology advances help organizations significantly improve quality, but the human element has not seen similar improvement. Human error now accounts for an outstanding 80% of failures! Improving interactions between people, and between people and work processes allows you to significantly reduce theses errors. How can you take real-world actions to reduce human error and boost quality? Join us for this vital, 90-minute webinar to discover:

  • How to view human activity as a process that can be diagnosed and measured
  • Sources and types of errors within process that involve people
  • Why "level of solution" is an important consideration
  • Process controls (or lack thereof) that make human error diagnosis difficult

Program Highlights

  • Categories and Sources for Human Error: How to Recognize Key Issues

    • Internal versus external triggers: Understanding the difference
    • Physical versus cognitive causes and their interrelationships
    • Typical rates of human error by process type
  • Diagnosing and Correcting Errors: When & How to Intervene

    • Data collection & analysis options: Overcoming difficulties
    • Importance of causal checklists to help reduce errors
    • Effective prevention options and examples you can use
  • Predicting and Preventing Errors: Stopping Errors Before They Occur

    • Building it into the Planning portion of PDCA
    • Tools for predicting errors (including interface analysis)
    • The importance of product/process design guidelines
  • Live Q&A Session: Have Your Human Error Questions Answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Duke Okes has been involved in quality management for 40 years, and has conducted hundreds of workshops on root cause analysis, internal quality auditing, quality management system design, risk based thinking, failure mode & effects analysis (FMEA), problem solution generation, and train-the-trainer.

  • Duke has worked with manufacturing, healthcare, government and service industries
  • He is an ASQ Fellow and certified as a CMQ/OE, CQE and CQA
  • He holds degrees in technology, business and education

Program Benefits

Join us for this 90-minute, expert-led session to gain key insights in how human error impacts your organization and what you can do to reduce issues and increase success.